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Can I Sue For Shooting Injuries? Civil Lawsuits Against Commercial Premises

Have you or a loved one suffered a personal injury or were killed in a shooting on a commercial premises? You may have common questions like:

  • Could the shooting have been prevented?
  • Can I recover financial compensation for my medical bills?
  • Can a business be sued for a shooting or mass shooting on their property?
  • Can I sue my employer for a workplace shooting?
  • What compensation can I get for my gunshot injuries?

You can learn more about your legal rights in a free consultation with an experienced crime victim lawyer. We can connect you.

Often people don’t know their rights when it comes to being a victim of a crime.
- Paul Anthony – Legal Herald.

It’s no secret that the United States has a gun violence crisis. In 2019, over 15,000 people were fatally shot in the United States. These shootings range from single event shootings in apartment complexes, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and parking lots to mass shootings such as the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook and Las Vegas.

Those who survive shootings are often left with debilitating injuries that require long recovery periods and expensive medical care. Many of these victims have permanent injuries that leave them disabled for life.

The families of fatal shooting victims also often struggle with financial setbacks along with the unimaginable grief of losing a loved one in a shooting.

An experienced shooting victim lawyer can help these victims and families get the support they need. We can help refer you.

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Can I Sue For Being Shot?

If you or a loved one has recently become the victim of a shooting, there are some situations in which you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

In some cases, shooting victims and their families may have grounds for a lawsuit against the shooter. However, it’s more common to file a lawsuit against a negligent third party for a shooting. There are also some cases currently pending against gun manufacturers and the gun industry. However, such cases have not yet had success due to the powerful lobby of the National Rifle Association and their insurance companies.

For example, a property owner can be sued for a shooting if the property owner’s negligence created conditions that allowed the shooting to occur – such as having inadequate or negligent security on the property.

Financial Compensation: Suing For Gunshot Injuries

In the aftermath of a shooting, it’s common for victims and families to wonder how the shooting may have been prevented with appropriate safety precautions. Some shootings involve property owner negligence and could have been prevented if not for this negligence. In cases that do involve negligence, the victims and their families may have grounds for a lawsuit against the property owner.

Additionally, many states have crime victim compensation funds for victims of violent crimes. However, these funds can be limited and many victims may need to file a shooting victim lawsuit to recover the full financial compensation they need.

When Can You Sue a Property Owner For a Shooting?

Property owners have a legal obligation to keep their properties safe from preventable dangers so that visitors to their properties aren’t at risk of suffering preventable injuries. This legal concept is known as premises liability. If a property owner takes the correct safety precautions, these tragic events may not happen.

Premises liability includes protections against shootings and other violent crimes. Some shootings may not have happened if not for a failure to meet this legal obligation.

Negligent Security in Shootings

Most premises liability lawsuits or shootings involve negligent security. Property owners have a legal duty to make sure their properties are reasonably secure. Sometimes a failure to do so opens the door for an otherwise preventable shooting to occur.

Preventative measures that may reduce the risk of a shooting include:

  • Security guards
  • Security cameras
  • Metal detectors
  • Adequate emergency exits for escaping shootings

For example, if an intruder enters an apartment building and shoots people inside because the building owner failed to take reasonable measures to secure the property, the victims and their families may have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner based on negligent security.

Several different types of property owners have a legal duty to provide adequate security. Shooting victims at these and other locations may have grounds for a premises liability shooting lawsuit holding a business liable for inadequate security.

  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Parking lots and parking garages
  • Apartment buildings
  • Schools and universities
  • Convenience stores
  • Concert venues
  • Public events (such as music festivals)
  • Shopping malls

Property Owners Can Be Sued For Foreseeable Shootings

Foreseeability is also considered when determining whether a property owner could have prevented a shooting. Had there been previous shootings or other violent crimes at the same location? If so, the property owner would have had a legal duty to make safety improvements, such as hiring security guards to pat down guests for weapons.

Violent crime rates in the area where the shooting occurred are another factor to consider when establishing whether a shooting was foreseeable or preventable. If the property where the shooting occurred had high violent crime rates but the property owner failed to have preventative measures in place for preventing shootings and other violent crime, that property owner could possibly be held liable in a shooting victim lawsuit.

Find A Law Office That Fights For Gunshot Victims

The available legal options for shooting victims depend on a number of factors, including the place where the shooting took place, local and state laws, and the various circumstances surrounding the shooting.

Determining your best course of legal action as a shooting victim or the loved one of a shooting victim will require legal guidance from an experienced lawyer with a track record of helping shooting victims file lawsuits.

You can learn more about your legal rights by contacting us and we will refer you for a free consultation with one of our experienced shooting victim attorney network firms.

We hope this article answers these questions:

  • Can I Sue For Shooting?
  • Can I Sue For Being Shot?
  • Can I sue For Gunshot Injuries?
  • Can I sue employer for workplace safety?
  • Lawsuit For Being Shot
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Editor: Paul is a staff editor who focuses on bringing you the most important legal news regarding cases of sexual assault, drunk driving, and preventable violence. Contact Paul: [email protected] This article was fact checked prior to publishing by this author to ensure compliance with our rigorous editorial standards. We will only use authoritative sources. Our values compel us to provide only trustworthy information. If you find an error, please contact us.
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Ithaca, NY - Courtyard Marriott Stabbing Leaves One Wounded
Salinas, CA - Stabbing at Bankers Casino Leaves One Man Wounded
Springfield, MO - Shooting Outside of Zan The Club Leaves One Injured
Bronx, NY - Stabbing at Briggs Gourmet Deli Leaves One Wounded
Jacksonville, FL - Shooting at Royal Terrace Men’s Club Leaves Two Men Wounded
Elmhurst, IL - One Man Killed in Stabbing at Spring Inn Bar
Dallas, TX - Shooting in XTC Cabaret Parking Lot Leaves One Man Dead (Gregory Chandler)
Austin, TX - Club Swing Shooting Leaves One Man Dead
Woodbridge Township, NJ - One Wounded in Stabbing Outside Race Star Gas Station
Harker Heights, TX - Club Krush Shooting Ends in Three Wounded
Philadelphia, PA - Seven Wounded in Shooting Outside Golf and Social Bar
Oakland, CA - One Man Killed in East Oakland Valero Gas Station Shooting
Dallas, TX - Shooting at Dallas Pryme Night Club Leaves One Dead and Seven Wounded
Tulare, CA - Shooting at Fresno Area Hampton Inn Hotel Leaves One Woman Wounded
McKees Rocks, PA - Shooting Outside Club Erotica Leaves 3 Wounded and 2 Killed
San Antonio, TX - Mango's Sports Club Stabbing Leaves 2 Injured
Sacramento, CA - Stabbing Outside Little Caesars Leaves 1 Dead and 1 Injured
Wilkes-Barre, PA - Stabbing at La Villa Leaves 1 Injured
St. Lucie, FL - Shooting at Body Talk Sports Bar Leaves 2 Injured
La Porte, IN - Shooting at Lucky Bar Leaves One Person Injured
Portsmouth, VA - Golden Skillet Shooting Leaves 1 Injured
Kew Gardens, NY - Umbrella Hotel Shooting Leaves 3 Dead and 2 Injured
Martinsburg, WV - Shooting at Laddie's Leaves 2 Dead and 1 Injured
Farmingville, NY - One Wounded in Stabbing at Los Amigos Restaurant
Passaic, NJ - One Man Killed in Stabbing Outside Fiesta Night Club
Lynchburg, VA - Super 8 Motel Shooting Leaves 1 Dead
Anaheim, CA – Shooting at Sahara Theater Leaves 4 Wounded
Dolton, IL - Two People Killed During Shooting In A Menard's Parking Lot
Anaheim, CA - Fatal Stabbing In Harvey's Sports Bar's Parking Lot
Lodi, CA - Stabbing At Black Bear Diner Leaves One Person Dead
Waldorf, MD - One Dead And Three Injured After Shooting in Room 301 Hookah Bar
Renovo, PA - Man Stabbed Multiple Times In Parking Lot Of The Green Lantern
Monroeville, PA - Shooting at Monroeville Mall Leaves 1 Dead
Baltimore, MD - Shooting at the Crown Gas Station Leaves 1 Man Dead
Ozone Park, NY - Craft Beer Lotto Cigar Shooting Leaves 1 Dead
Indianapolis, IN - Shooting at The Grand Club Leaves 3 Dead
East Patchogue, NY - Shooting at Buen Ambiente Leaves 2 Injured
San Jose, CA - Deadly Shooting At The Nuevo Vallarta Restaurant
Richmond, VA - Good Tymes Restaurant Shooting Leaves 1 Injured
Bronx, NY - Shooting at Mixtec Taqueria Injures 2 and Leaves 1 Dead
Brooklyn, NY - Triple A Aces Social Club Shooting Leaves 4 Wounded and 4 Dead
Syracuse, IN - One Man Injured After Stabbing In Dollar General's Parking Lot
Dover, NJ - One Person Hospitalized After Stabbing At Su Casa Columbia Bar Restaurant
Westville, NJ - Shooting in the Parking Lot of Club Champagne Leaves Three Critically Injured
Baltimore, MD - Shooting at the Pizza Man Restaurant Leaves 3 Injured
San Diego, CA - One Man Injured In Stabbing Outside of Pacers Showgirls International
Fox Lake, IL - Man Killed in Shooting at J's Sports Bar & Grill
Carneys Point Township, NJ - One Man Injured After Shooting Outside Stubini's South Bar And Grill
Capitol Heights, Maryland - Teen Arrested For Fatal Stabbing Of Coin Op Laundromat Owner
Lake Forest, CA - 1 Woman Killed in Parking Lot of Hilton Garden Inn
Bakersfield, CA - 1 Man Dead After Residence Hotel Courtyard Shooting
Hollywood, CA - 1 Injured in Shooting at the Dream Hotel
Fresno, CA - Shooting at Days Inn by Wyndham Leaves 1 Injured and 1 Dead
Philadelphia, PA - Teen Shot And Killed In Khi Houng Restaurant
Philadelphia, PA - Lowes Employee Left Dead After Being Shot 9 Times in Parking Lot
Pasadena, CA - Man Stabbed To Death In CVS Parking Lot
Lancaster, PA - Stabbing in Parking Lot of McDonald's
North Riverside, Illinois - Third Shooting At North Riverside Park Mall This Year
Los Angeles, CA - Two People Injured in Shooting Outside Venice Beach Bar
Essex, Maryland - One Man Died After Stabbing At Brewers Landing Bar & Grill
Pittsburg, CA - 1 Man Dead And 1 Woman Injured After Shooting in Food Co's Parking Lot
Washington, DC - Stabbing at Georgetown Suites Hotel Leaves 1 Critically Injured
Phoenix, AZ - Fight at Catalina Sports Bar and Grill Leaves 4 Injured
Newark, NJ - 1 Left Critically Injured in Shooting at Royal Fried Chicken
Roanoke, Virginia - Stabbing Leaves 1 Person Injured Near Billy's Restaurant
Fort Wayne, Indiana - 2 People Injured After Stabbing Outside Of Bootleggers Bar
Salem, New Jersey - 2 People Injured In Shooting Outside of Hudock's Custard Stand
Elkhart, IN - Shooting Outside Hardy's Bar Leaves 1 Dead and 2 Injured
New York, NY - 2 Injured in Stabbing at Dive 75 Bar
Schiller Park, IL - Stabbing at Chasers Sports Bar & Grill Leaves 1 Dead
New York, NY - 5 Injured in Stabbing at Turtle Bay Bar
Woodbridge, VA - 1 Person Stabbed in The Parking Lot of Babylon Café
Menlo Park, CA - Stabbing During Robbery at 7-Eleven on Oak Grove Ave Sends Clerk to the Hospital
East St Louis, IL - Shooting Outside Da Beno Night Club Leaves 1 Injured
Los Angeles, CA - Mansion Party Leaves 1 Woman Dead and 4 Injured
Chantilly, VA - 4 People Injured in Stabbing at Grace Covenant Church
New York, NY - 2 Shot at 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar Leaves 1 Dead and 1 Injured
New York, NY - Shooting at Floridita Restaurant and Bar Leaves 1 Man Dead and 2 People Injured
Selinsgrove, PA - 2 People Shot in the Parking Lot of Buffalo Wild Wings
Vista, CA - Stabbing at The Scotland Yard Leaves 2 Injured
Clinton, NY - 2 Men Stabbed At The Bar Village Tavern
Indianapolis, IN - 1 Person Critically Injured Shooting in Parking Lot Outside Coreslab Structures
Glendale, CA - 2 People Shot At Restaurant El Sauz Tacos
Jamaica, NY - Shooting Outside 136 Deli & Grill Leaves Man Critically Injured
Arlington, TX - 2 People Shot In Parking Lot Outside of Ross
Tazewell, VA - Shooting at the Seven Restaurant Leaves 2 People Injured
Englewood, CO - Shooting in Parking Lot of the Residence Inn by Marriott
Schiller Park, IL - Violent Stabbing at Chaser's Bar Leaves 1 Man Dead
San Jose, California - Shooting in Mariscos Cancun Restaurant Leaves 1 Injured
Washington, D.C.- Deadly Shooting Outside of McDonald's
Schiller Park, Illinois - 29-Year-Old Giovanny Pineda Fatally Stabbed at Chaser's Sports Bar, Man Wanted For Questioning
Aurora, Colorado - 1 Man Hospitalized After Shooting Outside Scooters Sports Bar & Grill
Evansville, Indiana - 2 People Arrested, Hospitalized After Stabbing Outside Franklin Street Tavern
Dallas, Texas - Timeria Jones Killed, 3 Others Injured in Shooting Outside 4th Quarter Sports Grill
Dallas, Texas - Tommie Richard Rodger Killed After Altercation Spills Outside of One Sette Bar
Durango, Colorado - Garrett Gilley Stabbed, Harrison Charles Hill Arrested After Fight Outside Joel's Bar
Jacksonville, Florida - 1 Killed, 1 Wounded in Shooting at LIVE Bar in Downtown Jacksonville
Erie, Pennsylvania - 2 People Stabbed at Scooters Bar
Ferris, Texas - 2 Men Wounded in Shooting at 780 Sports Bar and Grill
La Mirada, California - 2 Men Injured in Stabbing at the Golde Brique Inn
Allentown, Pennsylvania -Man Suffers Stab Wounds in Large Fight at View Nightclub
Maspeth, New York - Cityscapes Gentleman's Club Has Liquor License Suspended After Stabbing, Previous Violence
Lakewood, California - Man Wounded in Shooting at Round 1 Bar at Lakewood Center Mall
Lubbock, Texas - Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commissions Cancels Level Night Club's Permit After Fatal Double Shooting
Mesa, Arizona - One Man Killed, Another Wounded in Shooting at O'Kelley's Sports Bar
Homer Glen, Illinois - Man Stabbed During Fight at Davidson's Bar and Grill
Corpus Christi, Texas- Krystal Pena Killed, 1 Other Woman Wounded in Shooting at Molly's Irish Pub
Plainfield, New Jersey - 1 Killed, 3 Wounded in Stabbing Outside of Chez Maree Nightclub
St. Louis, Missouri - 3 Men Wounded in Shooting Outside of Midtown Sports Bar and Grill
Rochester, New York - 2 Stabbed in Fight at S&T Lounge, 1 Other Injured
Chicago, Illinois - Thomas Tansey Charged with Murder of Kenny Paterimos in Stabbing at Richard's Bar
Corpus Christi, Texas - 2 People Injured in Shooting at Flanagan's Southside
Ocala, Florida - 2 People Wounded, James Wallace Killed in Shooting at Jade Lounge
Dallas, Texas - Alleged Shooting During Basketball Game at Ellis Davis Field House Leaves 1 Dead, Another Injured
Dallas, Texas - 1 Dead After Alleged Shooting at Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham on Alpha Road
Baltimore, Maryland - 24-year-old Dies in Alleged Shooting on 1800 Block of Bloomingdale Road
Abilene, Texas - 2 Teens Taken to Hospital After Alleged Stabbing at Abilene High School
Chicago, Illinois - 5 Individuals Injured in Alleged Shooting at Gotcha Faded Barbershop
San Antonio, Texas - Alleged Shooting at Villas De Toscana Apartments Injures 1
Fort Worth, Texas - Teen Allegedly Stabbed, Shot at Texaco Station on East Rosedale Street
Chicago, Illinois - Man Killed in Alleged Shooting in Austin Suburb Convenience Store
Bellaire, Texas - Alleged Shooting at Bellaire High School Claims the Life of 19-Year-Old Student
San Antonio, Texas - 2 Lives Claimed After Alleged Shooting at Ventura Night Club near River Walk
Alhambra, California - Fatal Shooting Leaves 2 Dead at Alhambra Apartment Complex on North Second Street
Springfield, Missouri - 5 Dead Including Gunman Inside a Petrol Station
Austin, Texas - Raeshala Morris, 33, Charged in Stabbing Spree in Entertainment District
Bradford, Pennsylvania - Police Search for Jamie Darnell Reedus-Gillyard in Connection with Stabbing at Lighter Side Bar
Riviera Beach, Florida - Shooting at Victory City Church After Funeral Leaves 3 Victims
Lancaster, Pennsylvania - Young Girl Stabbed in Parking Lot of Kensington Club Apartment Complex
Grapevine, California - One Killed, Five Injured After Greyhound Bus Rider Opens Fire On Other Passengers
Escondido, California - Man Allegedly Stabbed to Death on Burger King Patio
Lisle, Illinois - Lisa McMullan Opens Fire on State Troopers at Humidor Cigar Lounge
Overland Park, Kansas - Patrick Miller Killed in Shooting at The Park Apartments
Houston, Texas - Alleged Shooting Between Family Members at Rose Food Store
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania - Woman Allegedly Stabbed at Sherman Hills Apartments
Kansas City, Missouri - Suspected Shooter Dies from Injuries at 9ine Ultra Lounge
San Antonio, Texas - 1 Critically Injured in Alleged Shooting at McDonald's Fast Food Chain
Austin, Texas - 1 Dead in Alleged Shooting at Mueller City View Apartments
Houston, Texas - 1 Dead, 1 Injured After Alleged Shooting at Holly View Apartments
Indianapolis, Indiana - 2 Dead After Alleged Shooting on 4500 Block of North Irwin Avenue
Bronx, New York - Fort Independence Houses Supervisor Allegedly Shot 3 Times by Employee
Dover, Delaware - Teen Dies After Shooting in Alley Behind Paul Street
Dolton, Illinois - Burger King Employee Allegedly Shot By Angry Customer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Man Injured in Alleged Shooting Outside of Wawa
Santa Ana, California - 1 Man Allegedly Stabbed In Auto Zone Parking Lot
Chicago, Illinois - 1 Person Dead After Alleged Stabbing At The Foundation Tavern & Grille
Kansas City, Missouri - 1 Person Injured in Alleged Shooting Outside of Gates Bar-B-Q
Vineland, New Jersey - 2 Injured in Alleged Stabbing at The Tequila Night Club
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 3 Men Injured in Shooting Outside of a Southwest Philadelphia Bar
Portage, Indiana - Large Brawl Leads To Shooting Outside of Sunset Bar
Wallkill, New York - 1 Woman Injured During Alleged Stabbing in Walmart Parking Lot
Los Angeles, California - 1 Man Allegedly Stabbed To Death Outside A Burger King
Independence, Missouri - 1 Employee Left Dead After Alleged Shooting Inside Thai Spice
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 1 Man Killed in Alleged Shooting at Summit Creek Apartments
Yuba City, California - Man Allegedly Shot and Injured at Tortilleria Flores
Oxon Hill, Maryland - Man Allegedly Stabbed to Death at a Popeyes
Norfolk, Virginia - 4 People Injured in Alleged Stabbing at Cogan's Pizza
St. Louis, Missouri - 1 Woman Killed and 1 Man Injured During Alleged Shooting in AutoZone Parking Lot
Spring Valley, California - 1 Person Injured in Alleged Stabbing Outside of Shooters Cocktails
Jacksonville, Florida - 2 People Injured in Alleged Shooting at Oakwood Villa Apartments
Rochester, New York - 1 Man Injured During Alleged Stabbing in Wegman's Parking Lot
Long Beach, California - 2 Killed And 1 Injured During Alleged Shooting At Bottoms Up Tavern
Tucson, Arizona - 1 Person Injured in Alleged Shooting at Mr. An's Restaurant
Corpus Christi, Texas - Man Injured in Alleged Stabbing Outside of Twin Peaks Restaurant
Kansas City, Kansas - 4 Dead And 5 Injured After Alleged Shooting at Tequila KC Bar
Erie, Pennsylvania - Man Allegedly Stabbed in Parking Lot of Scooter's Bar
Indianapolis, Indiana - Man Allegedly Shot and Killed at Connor's Pub
Cockeysville, Maryland - 5 People Allegedly Stabbed In Hunt Valley Town Centre
Syracuse, New York - 2 People Injured in Alleged Stabbing at Blue Star Gas Station
York, Pennsylvania - 1 Person Dead And Another Injured in Alleged Shooting at 3rd Base Family Restaurant
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 1 Man Injured After Alleged Stabbing Outside of Euphoria Night Club
Houston, Texas - 1 Woman Allegedly Shot and Killed in Parking Lot of Cabo San Lucas Apartments
Sacramento, California - 2 People Allegedly Shot at Culichi Town Restaurant
Pasadena, California - 18-Year-Old Allegedly Shot and Killed In Parking Lot of Rose Bowl Stadium
Chillum, Maryland - Man Shot and Killed in Parking Lot of Prince George's County Supermarket
New Port Richey, Florida - Man Injured in Alleged Stabbing at Pete’s Grand Central Bar
Indianapolis, Indiana - 3 People Injured During Alleged Shooting in Castleton Shopping Center
San Antonio, Texas - 1 Dead And 1 Injured in Alleged Shooting Outside The Groove Lounge
Santa Rosa, California - 2 People Injured After Alleged Stabbing Outside of Stout Brothers Pub
Santa Rosa, California - Man Allegedly Stabbed After Large Dispute at La Rosa Tequilaria and Grill
Patchogue, New York - 2 People Injured in Stabbing at Indigo Patchogue Restaurant
Lexington Park, Maryland - Man Stabbed And Suspect Allegedly Opened Gunfire in Parking Lot of IHOP
Elkhart, Indiana - 3 People Killed In Alleged Shooting At Stratford Common Apartment Complex
San Diego, California - Man Allegedly Stabbed in Parking Lot of Jack in the Box
Austin, Texas - Man Injured After Alleged Stabbing at 77 Degrees Bar
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Stabbing at Royal Place Restaurant Leaves 3 People Hospitalized
Wilmington, Delaware - 2 People Shot Inside Market Street Grill
Orlando, Florida - Pregnant Woman Shot In The Head Outside Windsor Cove Apartments
Columbia, Maryland - Man Shot Dead Outside The Bluffs at Clary's Forest Apartments
Lansing, Illinois - 1 Person Dead After Shooting in Parking Lot of LA Fitness
Hampton, Virginia - Man Suffers From Multiple Injuries After Stabbing Outside Hooters
Oak Forest, Illinois - 2 People Injured in Shooting Outside of Linger Martini Bar
South Bend, Indiana - 1 Person Killed and 2 Injured in Shooting Near Corby's Irish Pub
Brookyln, New York - 2 People Injured in Stabbing at Angry Wade's
Kansas City, Missouri - Gates Bar-B-Q Employee Shot Several Times Inside Restaurant
Fountain Hills, Arizona - 1 Dead After Shooting At Bruno's Bar and Grill
Fort Worth, Texas - 2 People Seriously Injured After Shooting In Parking Lot of Bucks Cabaret
Baltimore, Maryland - Teen Shot in Parking Lot of Giant Supermarket
Houston, Texas - 4 Teenagers Shot at Royal Palms Apartments
Tallahassee, Florida - Dispute Leads to Shooting Outside Club Roosevelt
Brooklyn, New York - Woman Stabbed in Parking Lot of Whole Foods
Austin, Texas - 2 People Hospitalized After Shooting At Terminal 6 Bar
Martinsburg, West Virginia - Shooting at The Ladder House Bar & Grill Leaves 3 Dead
Vichy, Missouri - Armed Robbery Leads to Shooting That Injured an Employee at Vichy WYE Restaurant
Paterson, New Jersey - Man Stabbed Along 21st Avenue Commercial Strip Near Banana King Restaurant
Largo, Florida - Man Shot Dead in Parking Lot of Autumn Chase Apartment Complex
Harvey, Illinois - 1 Person Killed in Shooting Outside Let's Play Sports Bar
Chicago, Illinois - 3 Injured After Shooting Outside Renaissance Bronzeville Bar
San Bruno, California - Two Teens Hospitalized After Shooting At Tanforan Shopping Mall
Jessup, Maryland - Woman Injured in Stabbing Outside of Woody's Liquor and Bar
St. Louis, Missouri - Man in Critical Condition After Being Shot At New Light Chop Suey Restaurant
Queens, New York - Sam's News and Candy Store Clerk Stabbed During Robbery
Brooklyn, New York - Man Shot and Killed Outside Cooper Park Houses Building
Houston, Texas - Teenager Shot in Parking Lot of Hotel on Beltway and Richmond Avenue
Washington D.C. - Stabbing Inside The Fireplace Bar Leaves 3 Men Injured
Allentown, Pennsylvania - 10 People Injured After Shooting at DejaVu Night Club
South Bend, Indiana - At Least 1 Dead and 10 Injured After Shooting at Kelly's Pub
Chicago, Illinois - 4 People Injured in Shooting at Parkway Gardens Apartment Complex
Houston, Texas - 1 Man Dead After Shooting in Parking Lot of Costa De Sol Restaurant
San Jose, California - Man Stabbed to Death Outside of a Dollar Tree Store
Kingsbridge, New York - 2 Injured in Stabbing Outside of Keenan's Bar
San Antonio, Texas - 1 Injured in Shooting Outside of Caribe Nightclub
Redding, California - Juan Hernandez Arrested For Stabbing 2 People Outside of The Hen House Bar
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Stabbing Inside McDonald's Leaves 1 Employee Injured
Costa Mesa, California - Shooting Near Garibaldi de Noche Bar Injures 1 Man
Corona, California - 1 Dead and 2 Injured After Shooting Inside of a Costco
Alhambra, California - 1 Dead After Fatal Shooting at a Jack in the Box
North Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania - 3 Injured After Stabbing Inside of Just A Tavern Bar
Washington, D.C. - Man Fatally Shot in Tyler House Apartment Complex
Fort Myers Beach, Florida - 1 Person Injured in Stabbing at the Lani Kai Resort
Miami, Florida - 1 Injured in Stabbing Outside of New Wave Billiards & Sports Bar
Torrance, California - Man Injured in Shooting at Del Amo Fashion Center Shopping Mall
Pensacola, Florida - Woman Killed in Drive-By Shooting Outside Platinum Night Club
Fort Wayne, Indiana - Woman Shot Dead During Apparent Armed Robbery in Chapel Oaks Apartment Complex
The Woodlands, Texas - Man Stabbed to Death in The Plantation at The Woodlands Apartment Complex
Roanoke, Virginia - 3 Hospitalized In Shooting At Bob and Cheryl's Restaurant
Miami, Florida - Teen Shot and Killed in Parking Lot of The Hookah Palace
Trenton, New Jersey - 10 People Left Injured in Drive-By Shooting Outside of Ramoneros Liquor and Bar
Syracuse, New York - Woman Hospitalized After Being Stabbed, Found Outside of Moxy Bar
Stowe Township, Pennsylvania - Ernest Dixon Fatally Shot at Shooter's Bar, Police Searching For Suspect Omar Harris
Gulfport, Illinois - Illinois State Police Investigating Bar Shooting at Expose, At Least 1 Injured
Dixon, Illinois - Balal Abdelhadi Arrested For Allegedly Stabbing, Wounding 2 Men at Drifter's Saloon
Long Beach, California - Woman Killed, 5 Others Injured in Shooting Outside of The West Cocktail Lounge
Palm Bay, Florida - 3 Seriously Injured In Bar Shooting At The Wet Spot
Indianapolis, Indiana - 2 Killed in Shooting at Club Venus Near Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 1 Killed, 2 Injured in Bar Shooting at Blue Martini
South Bend, Indiana - Traychon Taylor Dies Following Fourth Shooting Near Frank's Place Bar Since 2018
Crestview, Florida - Pernell Thomas Killed, 1 Other Person Injured in Shooting at Cash's Liquors and Lounge
Pensacola, Florida - Police Searching For Suspect After 2 Injured in Shooting at Arety's Angels
Modesto, California - 3 people Injured in Bar Shooting at Tilted Turtle
Stockton, California - 4 Wounded in Shooting at El Tahur Sports Bar
Visalia, California - Man Shot and Wounded Inside 5th Quarter Bar, Police Searching for Suspect
State College, Pennsylvania - State College Police Announce End of Investigation into P.J. Harrigan's Bar Shooting That Left 4 Dead
San Antonio, Texas - Police Searching for Suspect After Man Wounded in Shooting at Speedway Sports Bar
Sugar Land, Texas - 2 People Wounded, Suspect Christopher Jolly Arrested in Shooting at Pennison's Pub
Palm Springs, California - 2 Injured in Bar Shooting at Toucans Tiki Lounge
Miami, Florida - Andrew Lemon Jackson Fatally Shot in Parking Lot of Club Climaxxx Strip Club
Beaumont, Texas - 1 Killed, 2 Injured in Shooting at Bar 23 Social Lounge
Harvey, Illinois - 1 Dead, 3 Wounded in Shooting at Boogie Nights Nightclub
Chicago, Illinois - Police Shut Down Sound-Bar After Employee Killed, Customer Wounded in Shooting
Destin, FL - 2 Wounded, Hospitalized Following Shooting at Bric A Brac Nightclub
Portsmouth, Virginia - Man Killed in Fatal Shooting in Latest Violent Incident at Cock Island Bar and Grille
Oakland, California - 4 People Injured, Suspect Arrested in Shooting at Halftime Sports Bar
Washington, DC - Police Chief Criticizes Safari Restaurant and Lounge Staff and Management After Fatal Shooting
Lauderhill, Florida - Cyril Smith Identified as Victim in Fatal Shooting at Club 54
Hazleton, Pennsylvania - Randy Escoto Arrested as Suspect in Shooting That Injured 2 at Lucky Charms Bar
Orlando, Florida - Man Killed in Shooting Outside of El Rinconcito Bar and Grill
Beaumont, Texas - Man Wounded in Early Sunday Morning Shooting at the Safari Club
El Paso, Texas - 1 Killed, 2 Wounded in Shooting at Flip's Neighborhood Bar
Evansville, Indiana - 5 Injured, Suspected Gunman John Perteet Arrested in Shooting Outside of Sidetrack Tavern
Tampa, Florida - Police Searching for 2 Suspects After 1 Person Wounded in Medusa Lounge Shooting
Palm Springs, California - 1 Dead, 1 Wounded in Sun Center Shooting Near Zelda's Nightclub
Jacksonville, Florida - Paul Steney Injured in Shooting Inside of De Real Ting Cafe
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - 5 Suffer Stab Wounds in Bar Fight at Bridges Social Club
El Paso, Texas - 2 Men Wounded in Bar Stabbing Incident at Chuco Boss
Indianapolis, Indiana - Police Arrest Dejuan A. Brown After 5 Wounded in Shooting at Indy Trade Club
Freeport, Illinois - 2 Killed, 1 Wounded in Bar Shooting at The Cedar Inn
Troy, New York - River Street Pub Has License Suspended For Alleged Attempt to Cover Up Shooting
Houston, Texas - 2 Men Shot, 2 Others Injured in Fight Outside El Torito VIP Bar
Lafayette, Indiana - Man Shot After Fight Spills Outside of Biltmore Tap Room
Jacksonville, Florida - ICE Lounge Bar and Grill Shut Down After Man Wounded in Shooting
San Antonio, Texas - Suspect Sought After Man Injured in Shooting at Little Woodrow's Sports Bar
Easton, Pennsylvania - 3 People Injured in Shooting at Spanky's East Strip Club
Abilene, Texas - Police Arrest Eusabio Jose Perez as Suspect in Fatal MC Sports Bar Shooting
San Antonio, Texas - Alfredo Mireles Identified as Victim in Fatal Shooting at Club Essence
Clearwater, Florida - 3 People Wounded in Shooting at Babydolls Lounge
Torrance, California - 3 Dead, 4 Injured in Friday Night Shooting at Gable House Bowl
Wilkes-Barre, PA - Owners and Employees of Brooklyn's Sports Bar Face Criminal Charges After Shootings
Dallas, Texas - 2 Security Guards Charged with Murder After Shooting in XTC Cabaret Parking Lot
Baldwin, NY - Police Searching for 2 Suspects in Triple Stabbing at Starz Lounge
Spring Hill, Florida - Man Wounded in Shooting at Mermaid's Lounge & Eatery
Baltimore, Maryland - Man Killed in Shooting at Blarney Stone Pub in Fells Point
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Sheldon Reece Wanted in Connection with Fatal Shooting at Double D's Bar
San Antonio, Texas - Tremaurya Powell Charged with Murder in Fatal Chaser's Sports Bar Shooting
Connellsville, Pennsylvania - Suspect Amber Straughters Sought After Man Injured in Shooting at Mile Marker Bar
O'Fallon, Illinois - Man Wounded in Shooting in St. Clair Bowling Alley Bar
Bogota, New Jersey - Man Killed in Shooting Outside of Buddy's Place
Deland, Florida - 3 Injured in Shooting Outside of Label Bar & Lounge
Marion County, Florida - 2 in Serious Condition After Shooting at Paradise Bar
Surprise, Arizona - 1 Dead, Suspect Arrested Following Shooting Outside Tailgaters & Il Primo Surprise
San Antonio, Texas - Nabor Marquiz Ramos Arrested As Suspect in Fatal Shooting Outside Dragon Sports Bar
Huntington, West Virginia - Brandon James Beasley Wounded in Shooting at Jake's Sports Bar
Scranton, Pennsylvania - Man Injured in 3rd Shooting at Rocky's Bar Since October
Longview, Texas - 2 Injured, Suspect in Custody After Shooting at Jaguars Strip Club
Globe, Arizona - 2 Killed, 2 Wounded in Shooting at Jammerz Bar
Watertown, NY - Julio Landron-Sanchez Arrested After 5 Wounded in Rio Nightclub Shooting
Dallas, Texas - 2 Shot Outside of Curtain Club in Deep Ellum
San Antonio, Texas - 3 Injured in Shooting Outside of Pegasus Nightclub
South Bend, Indiana - 6 People Injured in Shooting Outside of Frank's Place
Norfolk, Virginia - Man Wounded in Shooting at Broadway Restaurant and Lounge
Stockton, California - Man Killed During Robbery In Deja Vu Strip Club Parking Lot
Albany, NY - Shaquille Owens Charged After 1 Killed, 2 Others Wounded in Shooting Outside of Club Phoenix
Charleston, West Virginia - License of Dome Bar and Grill Suspended After Fatal Shooting of Timothy Rush
Alton, Illinois - Police Investigating Double Stabbing at Goldfinger's Bar on Elm Street
Baltimore County, Maryland - David Lee Sanders Arrested For Triple Stabbing at El's County Line Bar & Grill
Plymouth, Pennsylvania - Kyon McDonald Wanted For Fatal Shooting of Tierees Owens at Robby Nick's Sports Bar
Escondido, California - 1 Killed, 1 Wounded, Suspect Arrested in Bar Shooting At Pounders
Roanoke, Virginia - Man Hospitalized, in Stable Condition After Shooting at 1st Down Sports Lounge
Mishawaka, Indiana - Avery C. Brown Killed in Shooting at Bleachers Bar, Police Searching For Suspect
Phillipsburg, New Jersey - Steven Margeson Wounded in Shooting at Hilltop Cafe
Topeka, Kansas - Damario Brooks Wounded in Shooting at Abigail's Grill and Bar
Kansas City, Missouri - 2 Men, 1 Woman Injured in Bar Shooting at Rhythm and Booze Downtown
Denton, Texas - Shooting at Andy's Bar Leaves 2 Wounded, 2 Arrested
Orlando, Florida - Man Wounded in Shooting at Diamond Club
Sanford, Florida - Man Fatally Shot at Mama Coot's Place on Goldsboro Boulevard
Speedway, Indiana - Man Wounded in Shooting in Club Venus Parking Lot
Hopewell, Virginia - Trevon White Dies From Injuries in Shooting Outside Cambro's Soul Food & Lounge
Elgin, Illinois - 1 Killed, 3 Wounded in Shooting at D Hangout Bar and Grill on September 9
Orlando, Florida - Man Wounded at 2nd Happy Place Bar Shooting in 2 Months
Channelview, Texas - Police Looking For Suspect Jerry Wayne Greer in Fatal Shooting at V Lounge
Nacogdoches, Texas - 2 People Wounded in Shooting at Club Kamioz on Sept 1
Chico, California - One Man Wounded, Another Arrested Following Shooting at Duffy's Tavern
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - John M. Faulk Killed, Woman Wounded in Bar Shooting at Lady D's in East Hills
Chicora, Pennsylvania - Gary Ellenberger Charged With Attempted Homicide in Shooting at Millerstown Inn
Orlando, Florida - Police Arrest Peter Palacios After One Wounded in Shooting at GILT Nightclub
Bradenton, Florida - 2 People Shot in Bar Fight at Nahesha Bar and Lounge
Kansas City, Missouri - Force One Security Company Under Fire After Employees Kill Man at Yum Yum Bar & Grill
Fort Worth, Texas - 1 Killed, 3 Wounded in Shooting Outside of the Corsets Cabaret Strip Club
Niagra Falls, New York - 2 Wounded In Bar Shooting Outside of Poppy's Place on August 26
Denver, Colorado - 6 Women Injured In Stabbing Outside Lit Nightclub in Lower Downtown
Hudson, New York - Police Arrest Julian Omar Smith For Stabbing at Half Moon Bar
Indianapolis, Indiana - Man Fatally Shot After Bar Fight Spills Outside at Bar 52
Syracuse, New York - Kevin Ranzinger and Isiah Coker Arrested After Shooting Wounds Man at Tommy's Park Bar
Fort Wayne, Indiana - Police Arrest Aaron Suggs Following Shooting That Left 2 Critically Wounded at The Rock Tavern
Indianapolis, Indiana - Man Fatally Shot At Concert At Krave Event Complex
Shockoe Bottom, Virginia - Police Arrest Darrol Allen For Triple Shooting at Plush Restaurant and Lounge
The Bronx, New York City - 4 Shot, 2 Stabbed Outside Bruxelles Lounge
Killeen, Texas - Arrest Made in Shooting Death of Deandre Patrick Thomas At OBok Restaurant and Club
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Nightclub DJ Wounded in Shooting at Club Taboo in East Hills
Fleming Island, Florida - 2 Men Shot In Parking Lot Outside of Island Life Grill
Houston, Texas - Man Killed In Suspected Robbery At Innsbruck Lemoyne Apartment Complex
Tampa, Florida - Police Arrest Ro'Shane S. Harris For Nightclub Shooting At Clock Tower Rental Hall
Austin, Texas - Dipak Thapa Arrested Following Suspected DUI Accident That Severed Man's Leg
Wichita, Kansas - Hernan Quezada Arrested For Shooting and Killing Austen Wright Outside Vixen's Erotic Sports Bar
Thornton, CO - One Killed, Four Others Injured In Shooting at Extra Point Sports Bar
Orange County, Fla - Second Arrest Made In Shooting Death of Edgar Rivera At Happy Place Sports Bar
Okaloosa County, Florida - Tyrone Morris Arrested For Shooting At Split Oaks Saloon
South Bexar County, Texas - 22-Year-Old Man In Critical Condition After Stabbing Outside Coyote Crossing Saloon
Wichita Falls, Texas: Richard Lee Williams Arrested For Double Stabbing At The Haystack Bar
1 Dead, 3 Injured In Shooting At Club Infuzion In Richmond, Virginia
Neighbors Call For Erie Bar To Be Shut Down After Another Shooting
Cherry Hill, New Jersey - Two Men Injured In Vera Nightclub Stabbing
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