2 Shot at El Sauz Tacos

1 man dead and 1 boy injured after shooting at El Sauz Tacos in Glendale, CA.

Shooting Outside El Sauz Tacos Leaves 1 Man Dead and 1 Boy Injured

Daily News states a shooting occurred on May 20, 2020, around 9pm at El Sauz Tacos, located at 4432 San Fernando Rd #4432, Glendale, CA 91204. 

Two were shot during this altercation at the restaurant. The man, Teodik Atanes, was shot and taken to the hospital where he later died. The young boy, 10-years-old, was shot in the arm and received treatment at the hospital and was later released. 

David Rodriguez, 20-years-old, and Liana Mkrtchyan, 21-years-old, were both arrested on suspicion of the murder of Teodik and the injury of the young boy.

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Legal Options for Victims Shot At Restaurant

Attorney contributor, Bobby Thompson represents victims of shootings and their families in civil lawsuits. As an experienced criminal violence lawyer, Bobby shared his insight about lawsuits against businesses for shootings on commercial property. In our interview, Bobby addresses whether you can sue for being shot.

We asked Bobby about restaurants’ responsibility as property owners to ensure safety. Bobby stated restaurant property owners must uphold the safety of those on their property. In order for safety to be adequately upheld, there should be crime deterrents, such as security cameras and good lighting. If proper security is not provided, and someone is shot or injured on the site, a victim may have grounds to sue the property owner. 

Bobby clarified the lawsuit’s requirements against a property owner by emphasizing the crime must have been considered foreseeable. If the victim’s lawyer can prove the crime was predictable due to inadequate security, the property owner may be found liable. A crime is considered foreseeable if violent crimes occurred previously on their property, and these crimes were ignored with no security improvements. Bobby concluded by reiterating a lawsuit is only possible if the property owner could be considered liable according to the above.  

El Sauz Tacos in Glendale, CA



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