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If you or a loved one were recently stabbed, you may have legal questions like:

  • Can I sue for being stabbed and obtain injury compensation?
  • Can I file a personal injury lawsuit for my stab wounds?
  • Who can be held liable for my stabbing injuries?
  • Can I sue a business when a person who stabbed me did so on the business’ property as a premises liability case?
  • Should I talk to a personal injury lawyer about my stabbing case?

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Many people who are the victim of a crime don’t know they have legal options. We will help shed light on that.

Paul Anthony, Legal Herald.

Can Stabbing Victims Get Financial Compensation?

Becoming a victim of a stabbing or another violent crime can leave you with debilitating physical and psychological injuries. Along with the physical stab wounds, many survivors of these crimes are left with psychological trauma that can manifest in serious mental conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. The families of victims that were fatally stabbed are also left to live with the grief and emotional torment of losing a loved one in such a harrowing way.

How Much Compensation For Being Stabbed? – It Depends.

While there may not be a way to erase the past, stabbing victims and their families can move towards recovery with the right resources. This is why it’s important that these victims and families are aware of their legal rights. In some cases, financial injury compensation may be available for both personal and economic damages, such as:

  • Hospital bills and other medical care for stab wounds
  • Therapy sessions with mental health professionals
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional turmoil
  • Loss of financial support for loved ones of fatal stabbing victims

You can learn more about your legal rights as a stabbing victim by discussing your case with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Legal Herald can help you  find a local lawyer. Contact us.

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Can I Sue the Person Who Stabbed Me And Others?

Bladed flip knife being held my man

Of course, if the person who stabbed you is caught, he or she will face a criminal investigation and penalties if a conviction is made. However, the criminal law justice system is not the only avenue that crime victims have for seeking justice. In some cases, these people and their families may also have grounds for a civil premises liability lawsuit.

Lawsuits Against Property Owners For Being Stabbed

While it is possible to directly sue the person who stabbed you in a civil stabbing case, most lawsuits are filed against property owners or third parties.

If you were stabbed on commercial property, the property owner could be held liable if their negligence played a role in enabling the incident to happen. Property owners have a legal duty to keep their premises safe from preventable hazards. This legal duty is known as premises liability.

Property Owner Negligence

Property owners have a legal obligation to make sure their premises are secure and not vulnerable to preventable violent crimes. Some stabbing cases may not have happened if the property owner had met this legal obligation.

While not all stabbings happen due to property owner negligence, there are preventative measures that can reduce the risk of violent crime. For example:

  • Security guards who can search guests for weapons at bars and nightclubs
  • Metal detectors
  • Security cameras
  • Adequate lighting

During the investigation of a stabbing case, it’s important to investigate all of the circumstances surrounding the crime, including whether the incident was enabled by property owner negligence.

Obtaining a police report about the incident and investigating all reporting on the incident are key to the investigation of the case.

Edged weapon that could be used to stab

Key Points in Proving Property Owner Negligence

In order to have grounds for a successful personal injury lawsuit against a property owner, you and your personal injury lawyer must prove five key points:

  1. The property owner owed you a duty of care (such as keeping their property secure against preventable violent crime)
  2. The property owner failed to meet this duty of care (by failing to keep their property safe from violent crime)
  3. A reasonable property owner in a similar situation would have acted differently to keep their property secure and prevent the crime
  4. The property owner’s failure to meet their duty of care allowed the crime to happen
  5. You or a loved one suffered damages because of this failure to meet a duty of care

Was the crime foreseeable?

Asking whether the crime was foreseeable is an important question to consider when determining whether you have grounds for a lawsuit against a business owner when that person is not the person who stabbed you.

For example, if the crime happened at a nightclub, had there been previous patterns of violent crime at that nightclub or in the neighborhood where the nightclub is located? If the answer is yes, then the stabbing could be considered foreseeable.

We must then determine if the property owner had adequately made efforts to improve security at their nightclub. Hiring security guards, requiring patrons to be patted down for weapons, and installing metal detectors could all reduce the risk of patrons bringing weapons into the nightclub and committing violent crimes.

Property owners can only be held liable if there is clear evidence that the event was foreseeable and happened due to negligence. Establishing foreseeability and negligence is a complicated legal process that requires assistance from an experienced injury lawyer.

Flip knife commonly concealed weapon

How Stabbing Injury Lawsuits Can Help

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries or been killed in a stabbing at a business or commercial property, it’s important to be aware of your legal rights. An experienced injury attorney can help you determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit against the property owner for negligence.

Civil lawsuits help provide the injury compensation victims need and also demand accountability from business owners who have failed to protect their customers due to negligence. These lawsuits can help encourage safety improvements that prevent others from becoming victims of crime at the same property in the future and suffering catastrophic injuries.

You can learn more about your legal rights as a person who was stabbed by contacting an  experienced law firm for a free consultation. We here at The Legal Herald can help refer you to a local lawyer.

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