Man Dies After Alleged Shooting in BK's Convenience Store Chicago, Illinois

Eugene Burns, 40, died in alleged shooting inside BK’s convenience store Chicago, Illinois

BK’s Food, INC Alleged Shooting Claims 1 Life

According to Chicago Sun Times, two men were alleged to have gone inside a convenience store on the 400 Block of South Laramie Avenue, on January 18th, and shot a 40-year-old man.

Officials stated that Eugene Burns was inside of the BK’s Food, INC convenience store when two other men allegedly opened fire inside, killing Burns. The Cook County medical examiner’s office said Burns’ wounds indicated he was fatally struck in his back.

No arrests have been made as the Area North detectives continue the investigation.

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Legal Recourse for Convenience Store Shooting Victims

Brian Kent is a gun crime lawyer and a contributor to the Legal Herald. He represents victims of violent crimes in private civil suits and has shared his knowledge of the legal options available to them.

“Property owners are held liable for the safety of their customers and guests. Appropriate security should be in place according to the premises liability law of the United States Code. Property owners could be held responsible for a portion of any crime committed on the property and someone is hurt in the act.

When a property owner fails to maintain adequate security for customers, they can be found negligent in a civil court. You will need an experienced civil litigation attorney to prove the owner acted negligently during a crime like, a shooting. The lawyer will need to prove a property owner knew about previous crime in the area and did nothing to upgrade their security equipment. This means the property or business owner failed to prevent a reasonably foreseeable crime,” Mr. Kent stated.

“Unfortunately, someone who fell victim to a shooting crime will undoubtedly accumulate medical bills and other expenses. Families often bear the burden of paying for bills of the victim due to them not working, paralyzed, or any other reason they cannot pay expenses related to the incident. After filing a civil case your attorney can ask for these expenses to be awarded in addition to other monetary damages,” described Kent.

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