1 person was killed in a shooting at the Residence Hotel Courtyard in Bakersville, CA.

1 Person Reported Dead Following a Shooting at the Residence Hotel Courtyard

According to BakersfieldNow, a shooting at the Residence Hotel Courtyard located at 1670 CA-99BUS, Bakersfield, CA 93305, resulted in a 21-year-old boy’s death.

The police arrived at the scene around 3:50 pm on September 23rd and found the young man shot and wounded. The young man had multiple gunshot wounds in his chest and was immediately taken to the hospital. He was listed in critical condition before he passed away.

No information on the suspect or the shooting has been released.

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Legal Rights of Hotel Shooting Victims and Their Families

Attorney contributor Bobby Thompson represents victims of shootings and their families in civil lawsuits. Bobby provided the following insight to help the victim’s family learn their legal rights in cases of violent crimes on private property.

“Hotel owners are obligated to uphold the safety of patrons on or around their property. To ensure the safety of patrons, property owners must provide adequate security. Examples of proper security measures include security cameras, well-lit parking lots and courtyards, or security guards. If proper security is not provided, and someone is injured, the property owner may be considered liable.”

“If a crime is deemed foreseeable, the property owner may be held liable. An example of a foreseeable crime would be if previous violent crimes occurred on or around the hotel’s property, and no security improvements were made. In these cases, the victim’s family should know they may have grounds for a lawsuit. If the court decides the lack of adequate protection was a result of negligence on behalf of the property owner, the victim’s family may qualify for monetary compensation.”

Residence Hotel Courtyard in Bakersfield, CA



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