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At least one person was shot at Expose in Gulfport on May 19.

Police Investigating Shooting at Expose in Gulfport

The Illinois State Police are currently investigating a shooting that reportedly happened at a bar called Expose in Gulfport early Sunday morning.

At least one person was shot at the bar located at 201 Egan Street. That victim’s condition is currently unknown. The Henderson County State Attorney’s office is currently investigating.

No further details regarding the shooting are available at this time.

This is the second bar shooting to occur at Expose in the past two months. Another person was shot on March 24th. That victim’s condition has also not been released.

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Legal Recourse For Victims of Bar Shootings

Attorney contributor Jeff Gibson of the law firm Wagner Reese represents victims of preventable violent crime in civil lawsuits. Here is some general info from Jeff regarding the legal options available to bar shooting victims and their families:

Being a bar owner is a big responsibility, and with this responsibility comes the legal duty to make sure the property is safe from foreseeable dangers. Providing a reasonable standard of security is critical in order to make sure customers, employees, and other visitors are reasonably safe from the threat of violent crime. While not all cases of bar violence are reasonably foreseeable, some bar shootings may have been prevented if it weren’t for inadequate or negligent security.

In cases of negligence, bar shooting victims and their families could have grounds for a lawsuit against the bar owner. For example, a bar owner might be considered negligent if the bar had a history of violence, but no efforts were made to improve security – such as hiring security guards.

Establishing negligence for a bar shooting is a complicated legal process which will likely require assistance from an experienced crime victim attorney. You can learn more about your legal options as a victim of a bar shooting by contacting one of our attorneys for a free consultation.

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