One Person Left Critically Injured After Shooting in Coreslab Structures

One man critically injured after being shot in the parking lot of Coreslab Structures in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Shooting in Parking Lot of Coreslab Structures Leaves 1 Person in Critical Condition

According to FOX59, Monday at 6:30 am on July 27, 2020, a man was shot and left critically injured in the Coreslab Structures parking lot, located on the 1000 block of South Kitley Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46203.

The shooting was reportedly a result of an argument between employees in the parking lot. The altercation resulted in one person shot and left in critical condition. The person, found in the parking lot of Coreslab Structures, was taken to Eskenazi Hospital and is expected to survive.

James Daniels, 40-years-old, connected to the shooting, was arrested on the preliminary charges of aggravated battery the following Tuesday.

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Victim of Parking Lot Shooting Legal Options

Attorney contributor Jeff Gibson is an experienced criminal violence lawyer who represents victims of shootings in civil lawsuits. In an interview with Jeff, he shared his insight on whether a victim can sue for being shot.

We asked Jeff about the responsibility of property owners to uphold safety. Jeff shared the following: property owners are obligated to uphold safety on their property. To ensure safety, they must provide ample security through security cameras, a bright atmosphere, and potentially even hiring security. If proper protection is not offered and someone gets violently injured, the victim of said violence may have grounds for a lawsuit against the property owner.

Additionally, Jeff emphasized that the victim will only have a case if the property owner is considered liable. For the property owner to be seen responsible, the crime must be regarded as foreseeable. A crime can be deemed to be foreseeable if previous crimes occurred on their property and were ignored. A lack of increased security following incidents is an act of negligence by the property owner. If the victim’s lawyer can prove the crime resulted from inadequate protection, then the property owner may be found liable.

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