10 People Left Injured in Drive-By Shooting Outside of Ramoneros Liquor and Bar

10 people injured in drive-by shooting outside of bar in Trenton, New Jersey.

Shots Fired Outside Ramoneros Liquor and Bar in the Northern Section of Trenton, New Jersey

According to The New York Times, on Saturday morning outside of Ramoneros Liquor and Bar located on the corner of Brunswick Avenue and Middle Rose Street, 2 men in a car fired more than 30 shots at a crowd standing outside of the bar. The shooting left 10 people injured and hospitalized.

Police have not confirmed the motive of the shooting, but believe it was retaliation. The gunmen have yet to be identified, but video surveillance footage may have provided a lead on the vehicle that the men were driving.

Prior to this shooting, there have been 4 homicides just this past month in the Trenton area.

Large History of Violence in the Area. Does Trenton Have an Issue with Gun Violence?

According to The New York Times, back in June of 2018 there was a similar incidents in which 22 people were injured in a shooting during an arts festival in Trenton.

After this horrific shooting, Mayor W. Reed Gusciora assured the people of Trenton an expansion of police patrols. Evidently, Trenton’s gun violence has persisted. Mayor Gusciora believes that federal gun laws must be strengthened in order to solve the issue. Gusciora states, “New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but guns are easily accessible in some nearby states. This is why we need federal solutions to the gun violence epidemic.”

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Could Bar Owners be Responsible for Violence on their Properties?

Attorney and gun crimes injury lawyer Brian Kent specializes in working with victims of preventable violent crime in lawsuits against commercial property owners. Below is a brief generalization of Brian’s thoughts on bar owner’s liability for violent crime on their properties.

“Commercial property owners of bars and restaurants do have a legal duty of providing their customers with appropriate security to ensure their safety. If this legal duty is not met, the property owner may be partially responsible for the violence that takes place on their property. Additionally, if there is a history of violence in the area and or on the property, the owner is responsible for strengthening the security measures of the bar”, stated Mr. Kent.

Location of Ramoneros Liquor and Bar – scene of crime

News Coverage From NBC Philadelphia, PA

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