Terminal 6 Bar in Austin, Texas

2 People shot outside of Terminal 6 Bar in Austin, Texas.

Shooting Injures 2 People Following a Dispute at Terminal 6 Bar

Fox San Antonio reported that just before 2 a.m. on Sunday a fight broke out inside of Terminal 6 bar located on 302 E 6th St, Austin, TX. According to police, the fight continued outside of the bar and that is where the shooting occurred. One of the gunshot victims is suffering from critical life-threatening conditions and the other is suffering from potentially life-threatening injuries.

There were multiple people arrested during the fight. Police claim that the massive crowd of people outside of the bar was very uncooperative and did not respect officers’ commands.

The President of the Austin Police Association expressed that the shooting was not a surprise because of prior violent crime that has occurred in the area.

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Can Bar Owners Be Liable For Violent Crime on Their Properties?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent at CrimeVictim.Attorney specializes in bar shootings and works to restore justice to victims and their families. Below he has offered some of his professional legal advice on the matter.

Commercial property owners are required by law to protect all of their employees and patrons on site. To do this, property owners must provide adequate security – which may include things like video surveillance, increased lighting at night, and more security guards on the premises. If a property owner fails to offer adequate security to its customers on site and a shooting occurs, he or she may be held liable for damages.

Yet the adequate security requirement must be accompanied by the reasonably foreseeable crime component in order for a victim to bring a lawsuit against a property owner. For example, let’s say a bar owner learns that violence is increasing in the surrounding area and instead of upgrading his surveillance system, he or she decides to do nothing about it. And then a few days later, someone is shot and severely injured on the premises. While bar shooting cases are never simple, the owner may have acted negligently here as the crime may be considered reasonably foreseeable and the security provided was not adequate. Overall, a victim of violent crime needs to show inadequate security and a reasonably foreseeable crime to bring a lawsuit against the property owner.

If you or someone you know has been affected by a bar shooting, it is urgent that you speak with an experienced violent crime victims attorney to weigh all legal options at hand.



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