1 Injured, 1 Killed in Alleged Shooting at Ellis Field House during basketball game

1 injured, 1 killed during alleged shooting at high school basketball game at Ellis Field House in Dallas, Texas

18-Year-Old Killed and Dallas ISD Officer Injured in Alleged Shooting at Ellis Davis Field House

According to Dallas News, officers were dispatched to the Ellis David Field House in Dallas just before 9:10 p.m. on Saturday, January 11, 2020. Responding officers stated that a physical altercation turned into an alleged shooting during a basketball game located at 9191 S. Polk Street.

Authorities stated that a Dallas ISD officer and an 18-year-old were taken to the hospital with gun shot wounds. The officer made a full recovery as he was allegedly only grazed by a bullet. The 18-year-old, who was identified as Marc Strickland, unfortunately passed away in the hospital the next day. Strickland was a former student in the ISD school system who was attending the game.

Anyone with information about the alleged shooting is urged to call Detective Brewster Billings at 214-283-4805. This investigation remains active and ongoing. The 15-year-old shooter has turned himself in and been charged with murder, but there are three others police are looking for and consider to be persons of interest in the case.

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Legal Recourse for Shooting Victims

Attorney contributor Brian Kent represents victims of violent crime in civil lawsuits. Attorney Kent has offered to share his advice on the legal options available to victims of violent crimes. He does not represent any of the victims in the case mentioned above.

“Whether a victim of a violent crime survives or not, many future debts and bills will need to be financed. Families often bear the burden of the surviving victims. Along with medical bills, survivors may need long-term physical and emotional therapy after a shooting incident.

Filing a private civil lawsuit within the court system can help secure compensation for victims and their families. Understanding how property owners are held liable for failing to provide adequate security to defend clients, customers, employees and visitors against violent crimes, like shootings will help.

Property owners are legally obligated to have certain security measures in place like, well-lit parking, security officers and security cameras to safeguard people. When a shooting is committed on the property and the owner failed to have these measures a judge can order significant monetary damages to victims. Proof must be entered evidencing the negligent party which can be obtained by having a licensed civil attorney,” describes Attorney Kent.

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