Grapevine, California - One Killed, Five Injured After Greyhound Bus Rider Opens Fire On Other Passengers

Bus Passenger Brandished Weapon & Shot At Other Riders, Killing One

Passengers Were Able To Disarm Gunman & Escort Him Off The Bus

Last Updated: 7/13/2020

As reported by CNN.com, a seemingly routine Greyhound bus trip between Los Angeles and San Francisco went awry around 1:30AM on Monday, February 3rd.

The bus was traveling north on Interstate 5, near Grapevine and north of Lebec, California, when one of the passengers began unexpectedly shooting at other riders. California Highway Patrol indicated that some of the passengers on the bus were able to separate the shooter from his weapon. The bus driver then pulled over to the side of the highway and the alleged shooter voluntarily exited the bus.

Passengers then proceeded to tend to the injured while the bus made its way to the nearest exit, at which point the responding authorities began treating the victims. The injured were taken to local hospitals for treatment. Regrettably, a 51-year-old Colombian woman succumbed to her injuries, while at least one other of the 6 total victims was reported to be in critical condition.

The perpetrator was taken into custody soon after he was let off the bus. No motive for the shooting has been reported at this time, and the authorities are withholding his identity, only identifying him as a man.

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