1 man dead after stabbing at Chasers Sports Bar & Grill in Schiller Park, IL

1 Left Dead in Stabbing at Chasers Bar

According to Chicago SunTimes, there was a stabbing at Chasers Bar, located at 4255 Old River Rd, Schiller Park, IL 60176. Police responded to this incident that occurred around 1:30 am on June 27th.

Upon arrival at the scene, police could found the victim, 29-year-old Giovanny Pineda, and immediately took him to Lutheran General Hospital. The victim was pronounced dead. An autopsy by the Cook County medical examiners found Pineda died of a stab wound to the abdomen and ruled his death a homicide.

The suspect, 28-year-old Kasim Askar, is wanted for questioning by the police.

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Legal Options for Families of Fatal Bar Stabbings

Attorney contributor Brian Kent, an experienced violent crime lawyer, represents victims and their families involved in violent crimes in civil lawsuits. Below, Kent shared legal options available to victims of stabbings to help victims determine if they can sue for being stabbed.

Security is a critical responsibility for all property owners, including the owners of bars, nightclubs, and other alcohol-vending establishments. Unfortunately, these businesses often have problems with violent crime. Bar owners must do everything they can to prevent foreseeable violent crime from endangering their patrons and employees.

Kent said, “business and property owners are legally obligated to uphold the safety of their customers. Examples of proper security are well-lit outside areas or security guards. If violent crimes occur on an owner’s property or in the area, and the owner fails to improve security, they can be considered negligent”

Kent continued, “a victim’s attorney must prove negligence on behalf of a property or business owner for the victim to have a case. An owner could be considered negligent if the crime is deemed foreseeable. For example, if an owner willingly did not improve security after knowing that crimes committed in the area were elevating, the crime could be considered foreseeable. If the court finds the property owner was negligent, then monetary damages may be awarded to the victim or a family member.”

Chasers Sports Bar & Grill in Schiller Park, IL



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