Man Injured in Alleged Shooting at McDonald's in San Antonio, Texas

Man in critical condition after alleged shooting at McDonald’s in San Antonio, Texas

Man Severely Injured in Alleged Shooting at McDonald’s on Culebra Road

According to MySanAntonio News, a man was taken to University Hospital after being shot in a McDonald’s parking lot on the northwest side of San Antonio late Wednesday night. Police stated the incident happened around 9 p.m. on January 15th at 8349 Culebra Road.

The San Antonio Police Department reported that an unidentified male in his early 30’s was allegedly shot while standing between two vehicles in the parking lot of the McDonald’s location. Marijuana was found scattered where the vehicles were said to be. Reportedly, the two vehicles fled the scene and have not been located.

The latest official update reflected that the victim was in critical condition. Moreover, authorities stated the scene is active while the on-going investigation continues.

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Legal Recourse for Victims of Shootings in Parking Lots

Brian Kent, an attorney contributor from CrimeVictim.Attorney, possesses extensive experience representing victims of violent crimes. He has offered to share his expertise on this subject for any victims that may find themselves in this situation:

“When a crime is committed on a property, the owner may be held liable for the safety of all customers and guests. Indeed, the owner has a duty to provide some form of security that may include well-lit parking lots, security cameras, guards or other safety mesures. However, if the owner fails to provide a safe place of business, a civil suit may be filed to hold them accountable.

A civil law attorney will need to prove that the owner was not successful in their implicit requirement to provide safe premises to the guests of the business. For the attorney, this means conducting research to find circumstances where the owner may have been negligent and which resulted in the suffering felt by a victim and their loved ones. For instance, a reasonably foreseeable act of negligence includes incidents where the property owner knew of shootings in the neighborhoods and area, and yet did not improve their security.

When a shooting incident occurs, medical bills for the victim can accumulate very quickly. Unfortunately, the family of the victim will usually have to pay for the debt; meanwhile, the victim may need extensive specialized care for months or even years. A civil suit can ensure compensation for lost wages, loss of employment, and any medical expense related to the injuries sustained in the shooting,” concluded Kent.

If you or someone you know were injured in a shooting or similar violent crime, contact our legal experts today to learn more about all of your options.

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