Mariscos Cancun Restaurant in San Jose, CA

A man was shot and injured at Mariscos Cancun Restaurant in San Jose, CA.

Violence Strikes Mariscos Cancun Restaurant

Mercury News claims that on Saturday night a shooting took place inside Mariscos Cancun restaurant located on 1527 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95116.

Police officers received a call about the shooting and upon arrival found one male victim with at least one gunshot wound. The victim was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

The incident is still being investigated and police have not identified any motives for the shooting or any suspects involved.

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Legal Recourse For Victims of Restaurant Shootings

Attorney and legal contributor Bobby Thompson represents violent crime victims in civil cases. Mr. Thompson has kindly agreed to share with us his commentary on the legal options available to victims of shooting crimes. We’ve included his brief comments below.

“Commercial property owners must keep their patrons and employees safe from any reasonably foreseeable hazards, including violent crimes. In order to do so, property owners may be required to provide adequate security on the premises. Some examples of this include installing video cameras, hiring security personnel, and even providing well-lit parking lots outside their buildings. If a property owner fails to provide adequate security and a shooting occurs due to this disregard for clients’ safety, then the affected  victims may have grounds for a lawsuit,” states Mr.  Thompson

Bobby also added, “However, this is not the only factor necessary to prove a property owner liable. The victim’s lawyer must also be able to show that the crime was reasonably foreseeable. A reasonably foreseeable crime is one that occurs on a property that had a previous history of violent crimes and yet no improvements in security were put in place. Basically, if a victim’s lawyer can prove that the crime which injured their client was reasonably foreseeable and only happened due to inadequate security, then the property owner may be deemed responsible and ordered to pay for damages incurred.”

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