Shooting at Dream Hotel in Hollywood

1 Person Injured after a shooting at the Dream Hotel in Hollywood, CA.

1 Person Reported Injured After Shooting at the Dream Hotel

According to KLTA5, one person was injured in a shooting at the Dream Hotel located at 6417 Selma Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028. The incident was reported at about 11:30 pm on September 16th, and police arrived shortly after.

Multiple shots were fired inside a hotel room where one victim was located but was able to get away. The victim made it to the hospital, but their condition is unknown. Information on the gunman has not been reported.

The search of the room revealed narcotics; the incident is being investigated as a drug deal. The investigation is ongoing, but no further details were provided.

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Legal Options of Victims of Violent Crimes in Hotels

Attorney contributor Bobby Thompson, an experienced violent crime lawyer, represents victims of violent crimes in civil lawsuits. In an interview, we asked Bobby to provide legal commentary on the rights of victims shot at a hotel.

“Property owners have a legal obligation to protect those on and around their property, and this applies to hotels. To ensure the safety of patrons, property owners must provide protective measures. For example, bodyguards and bright lighting. If a property owner fails to provide adequate security and someone is hurt, they may be considered liable.”

“When a victim is hurt on private property, they must ask if there were any preventative measures. If there were no safety measures in place, the business owner could be considered liable. Liability would be assumed if the crime was foreseeable. Meaning, there have been high crime rates in the area, but no advances to security were made. In cases of property owner negligence, victims may receive monetary compensation for damages.”

Dream Hotel in Hollywood, CA



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