Niagra Falls, New York – 2 Wounded In Bar Shooting Outside of Poppy’s Place on August 26

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Poppy's Place in Niagra Falls

Poppy’s Place in Niagra Falls, where 2 men were wounded in a shooting on August 26.

Police Seek Suspect in Double Shooting Outside of Poppy’s Place Bar

Police in Niagra Falls said that they expected a suspect in a double shooting outside of Poppy’s Place to turn himself in on Wednesday morning. Police were called to the bar on Cayuga Drive shortly after midnight on Sunday for reports of a shooting. 27-year-old Sam Musolino was shot in the chest and 25-year-old Seth O’Harrow was shot in the head after a fight broke out at the bar.

Musolino is expected to be released from the hospital within the next week. O’Harrow remains in critical condition. Police say that they’ve been in contact with the suspect, but there has been no announcement of an arrest as of Wednesday afternoon.

Who Can Be Held Liable For Bar Shootings?

Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney has some ideas to share regarding property owner liability for violent crime when a customer gets injured:

Owning a bar is a major responsibility, and making sure customers are safe is one of the most important aspects of this responsibility. Bar owners and all other property owners have a legal duty to keep their premises free from foreseeable dangers which could hurt their customers and employees. In some cases, violent crimes like shootings and stabbings are foreseeable and may have been preventable by better security measures.

When negligent security is to blame for failing to prevent a violent incident, the victims who have been injured in the incident could have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner. In order to have grounds for a case, the victim’s lawyer will need to establish that the crime was foreseeable and that negligent security enabled the crime to occur.

Proving premises liability for a bar shooting or stabbing is a complicated process. Crime victims who are curious about their legal options should discuss their case with an experienced crime victim lawyer.

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Location of Poppy’s Place

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