1 Injured in Alleged Shooting at Apartment Complex in San Antonio, Texas

Man taken to hospital after alleged shooting at Villas De Toscana in San Antonio, Texas

Alleged Shooting at Villas De Toscana Complex Late Friday Night

According to News 4 San Antonio, one man was allegedly shot outside of his apartment at Villas de Toscana apartments located at 7999 Potranco Road, on January 17th.

Responding officers reported that a man was transported to a local hospital and is recovering from his injuries. Police confirmed that the shooting was not a drive-by shooting.

No further information is available in this case and the investigation is on-going, officials stated.

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Legal Options for Victims of Shootings at Apartment Buildings

Attorney contributor Brian Kent regularly represents victims of violent crimes in civil lawsuits. Below, he has offered his insight for the legal options victims and their families may be entitled to.

“In every state, a premises liability law is in place for property and business owners. Each owner is legally responsible for installing security on the property for the safety of their guests, customers, visitors and residents. Providing well-lit areas, video surveillance, and on-site officers are ways that a property owner has provided a safe environment.

Whenever a crime is committed on the property, an involved party can be seriously injured or killed. Should this happen, a civil attorney can help protect your rights and may help you with proper compensation. If a crime is reasonably foreseeable, which means a prior crime was committed and the owner did not improve security, the property owner can be held liable for their part in the crime. Filing a civil suit will likely be the best legal route to take to secure compensation.

The civil litigation attorney will need to prove in a court that the owner was negligent for a victim to have any access of monetary damages. Whether the case involves lost wages due to incapacitation, loss of life or enjoyment of life, and other related medical expenses, a suit may begin and those damages may be included in the award,” described Attorney Kent.

To answer questions like “Can I sue for being shot?” and for more information on the process of civil lawsuits during shootings, click the link.

Location of Villas de Toscana in San Antonio



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