S 54th St & Willows Ave in Philadelphia, PA

One person killed during a shooting in Khi Houng on S 54th St & Willows Ave in Philadelphia, PA.

Teen Dead After Shooting Inside Khi Houng Restaurant

According to CBS Philly, on Tuesday around 12:30 a.m. a shooting occurred inside Khi Houng restaurant on S 54th St & Willows Ave in Philadelphia, PA.

A 19-year-old customer was standing at the counter inside the Chinese takeout restaurant when the suspect walked by and shot the victim multiple times with a semiautomatic weapon.

The victim was hospitalized for his injuries but later died.

Authorities are still investigating the crime to discover what led up to the fatal shooting.

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Legal Recourse For Victims of Restaurant Shootings

Attorney contributor Brian Kent represents victims of criminal violence and their families in civil lawsuits. We asked Brian to share his thoughts on the legal rights of victims shot at a restaurant.

“Commercial property owners are legally obligated to keep their patrons and employees safe while on site. In order to do this property owners must provide adequate security which includes things security guards and video surveillance. If property owners fail to do this, and someone is injured or killed on their property, then he or she may be held liable for the crime,” states Brian.

He continued: “In addition to inadequate security, the crime must be considered reasonably foreseeable in order for a victim to have grounds for a lawsuit against the property owner. A reasonably foreseeable crime is one that occurs on a property where previous violent crimes took place and the ower did nothing to enhance security measures.”

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