IHOP on 21991 Three Notch Rd, Lexington Park, MD 20653

A man was stabbed and shots were fired in parking lot of IHOP on 21991 Three Notch Rd in Lexington Park, Maryland.

Victim Helicoptered To Hospital For Stab Wounds

According to Southern Maryland News Net, on Saturday around 2:55 a.m police were dispatched to the IHOP located on 21991 Three Notch Rd, Lexington Park, MD for a reported assault. When officers arrived at the IHOP they discovered a crowd in the parking lot along with a vehicle that had been struck by a bullet.

There was a victim who was stabbed in the abdomen during the assault in the IHOP parking lot. He was taken to the Lexington Park Volunteer Rescue Squad where members of the squad called in a helicopter for the victim to be taken to an area trauma center.

It is unknown whether there was a shooting victim shot at the IHOP or the Bay District Volunteer Fire House. Additionally, no arrests have been reported for incident.

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Can a Parking Lot Owner Be Liable for Violent Crime on Their Property?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney represents victims injured in parking lot stabbings and shootings in civil lawsuits. Below Mr. Kent has shared his knowledge on the legal options available to these victims and their families.

All commercial property owners need to ensure the safety of every customer and employee on site. To protect their patrons from preventable dangers property owners must provide adequate security on or near the premises. This may include things like video surveillance and security personnel. When adequate security is not offered and someone is injured in a stabbing or shooting, the property owner may be held liable for the crime.

Additionally, a violent crime victim’s attorney must prove that the crime was reasonably foreseeable. What this means is that if a parking lot owner knew that the area had a previous record of criminal violence, decided not to enhance security measures, and then someone was injured in a stabbing, he or she may be held liable for the crime. It is important to remember that a crime victim attorney must prove that the crime occurred due to inadequate security and that the crime was reasonably foreseeable for there to be a valid lawsuit.

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to a parking lot stabbing, you can reach out to an experienced crime victim attorney to discuss your legal options.

Location of IHOP in Lexington Park, Maryland



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