Garibaldi Restaurant and Bar in Costa Mesa, California

Altercation in Garibaldi bar leads to shooting in parking lot across the street in Costa Mesa, California.

1 Injured in Shooting Near Garibaldi de Noche Bar in Costa Mesa

KTLA claims on Saturday at around 11:30 p.m. a confrontation at Garibaldi de Noche is what caused a shooting in the parking lot across the street. The restaurant/bar is located at 810 West 19th Street in Costa Mesa, California.

The altercation started in the bar and then moved to a parking lot across the street.  This is where the gunman fired several rounds, leaving one victim injured. The victim was hospitalized and sustained non life-threatening injuries. Police are still investigating the incident.

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Can Property Owners Be Liable For Crime on Their Premises?

Bobby Thompson, a gun crimes injury lawyer represents bar shooting victims and their families in civil lawsuits.

For bar owners, keeping their properties safe is a responsibility that must always be met. This includes providing adequate security measures in order to reduce the risk of violent crimes like shootings and stabbings. If a violent crime occurs in a restaurant/bar that could have been prevented by better security measures, then victims and their families may have grounds for a lawsuit against the bar owner.

In general, in order for a bar owner to be held liable, a shooting must be considered reasonably foreseeable. For instance, this could be the case if the bar had a history of previous violent crime and the owner made no efforts to improve the security. Ways to strengthen security include installing metal detectors and security cameras, as well as hiring security guards.

Location of Garibaldi de Noche in Costa Mesa, CA



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