Location of Lani Kai Resort in Fort Myers Beach, Florida

One man was injured and two men were arrested in the stabbing at Lani Kai Resort in Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

Two Men Arrested For Stabbing at Lani Kai Resort in Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Local news source Fox 4 Southwest Florida claims that two men were arrested for the stabbing of a security guard at Lani Kai Resort in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. On the night of June 11th at 1400 Estero Blvd, a security guard was stabbed by two brothers known as Erik and David Olsen.

The victim was told by one of the Olsen brothers that there was a vehicle burglary happening in the parking lot. When the victim arrived at the parking lot he was approached from behind and stabbed by the other Olsen brother. The victim was able to recognize and identify the men involved involved in the stabbing.

According to the victim, just a month prior to the stabbing Erik Olsen had been kicked out of the resort by security for being disruptive. Additionally, earlier that night the two brothers were kicked out of the Lani Kai bar for carrying a bottle filled with liquor. Both brothers were arrested for aggravated battery with a weapon.

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Location of Lani Kai Resort

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