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Yum Yum Bar & Grill

Yum Yum Bar & Grill in Kansas City. Security guards fatally shot a man outside of the bar in July.

Force One Security Guards Charged With Murder In Yum Yum Bar Shooting

Two former employees of Force One Security are currently in jail on murder charges stemming from a July shooting outside of Yum Yum Bar & Grill in Kansas City, Missouri. A third employee of the company was also charged for helping one of the shooters hide his gun. According to prosecutors, Markell Pinkins and Christopher Jones were working as security guards at Yum Yum when they allegedly shot and killed 45-year-old Kevin Thomas, who was sitting in his vehicle outside of the bar.

Former Employees Raise Concerns of Inadequate Safety Procedures at Force One

Over the past week, Fox 4 in Kansas City has spoken to at least two former employees of Force One Security who have raised concerns about the company’s safety procedures – even alleging that the company is regularly in violation of state and federal laws. These former employees believe a lack of safety training has made working conditions unsafe for employees, and in some cases, the individuals they’re assigned to protect.

In one report by Fox 4, former employee Kevin McNiese told reporters that he was hired as an armed security guard but received essentially zero training in handgun safety. He also claimed that even though state law requires security officers to have a private license, he was never commissioned to carry a firearm.

Can Security Companies Be Held Liable For Violence?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney holds third parties liable for failing to prevent violent crime. Here is some general information from him on third-party liability for negligent security:

When a victim gets injured by the negligence of another person or company, that victim often has grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. In cases where that victim is killed in an accident caused by negligence, the victim’s family may have a case for a wrongful death lawsuit. Security companies are hired to protect guests at businesses and events, but sometimes these companies are negligent and end up enabling or causing the violence they were hired to prevent. When this happens, these companies can be held liable for damages if the victim or their family decides to file a lawsuit.

Proving negligent security will require a careful case overview by an experienced crime victim lawyer. To find out more about your family’s legal options for justice after losing a loved one to violent crime, consider consulting with one of our crime victim lawyers today.

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