Stabbing at Catalina Sports Bar and Grill located in Phoenix, AZ leaves 4 injured.

Stabbing at Catalina Sports Bar and Grill Leaves 4 Injured

According to Fox 10, a bar fight at Catalina Sports Bar and Grill was located at 2939 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016, leaving four injured.

Some customers suddenly left the bar and got into a physical altercation outside. The fight was between five people resulting in four stabbed. Details of all injuries were not reported, but one person obtained a head injury after being hit by an object.

Three people were taken to the hospital with critical injuries. More details about the incident have not been reported.

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Legal Options of Victims Stabbed at a Bar

Attorney contributor Kevin Biniazan works with victims of violent crime in civil lawsuits. Below, Kevin shared his knowledge on the legal right of victims stabbed in a bar and their families:

“Property owners are legally obligated to protect their patrons from preventable dangers by offering adequate security on and around the property. Examples of security are enhanced lighting and security guards. When a victim is stabbed at a bar, the victim and their family must ask whether there was ample security. If adequate security was not provided, the victim might have grounds for a civil lawsuit against the property owner for negligence.”

“A victim’s lawyer must prove the victim was injured as a result of a crime that was reasonably foreseeable. For example, if the owner was aware of previous crime in the area, but did not improve security. The owner may be liable for violent crime and the victim’s injuries. In such cases, the victim should secure a violent crime attorney’s services to determine whether the crime was reasonably foreseeable and if the property owner was negligent.”

Catalina Sports Bar and Grill in Phoenix, AZ



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