Alleged Shooting at The Park Apartments in Overland Park, Kansas

Man dies from injuries sustained in shooting outside of The Park Apartments.

Suspected Shooter at The Park Apartments on the Run

According to KCTV 5 News, officers were called to The Park Apartments, located at 7829 Foster Street between Marty and West 78th streets, on the evening of Saturday, January 25th with reports of an alleged shooting.

Witnesses stated that they found Patrick Miller with gunshot wounds and tried to perfect CPR before paramedics arrived. Upon the emergency crews arrival on the scene, Miller was transported to a nearby hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. Witnesses described the alleged shooter running from the scene shortly after the shots rang out.

Police stated that the suspect was believed to be a white male in his teens seen wearing a black t-shirt and orange pants, though the search is ongoing.

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Legal Options for Victims of Shootings at Apartment Complexes

A regular contributor to the Legal Herald and attorney at CrimeVictim.Attorney, Brian Kent represents victims of violent crimes in civil court suits. He has offered to share his own commentary below with regards to the civil litigation process.

“No matter what state you live in, property owners of apartment buildings have a legal responsibility to provide reasonable security for their residents and visitors. For instance, they may need to have lighting in parking lots, a form of security cameras, and on-site guards. These types of measures help protect owners from being sued if a crime takes place on the premises.

In the event that security is not provided, a property owner can be found to be negligent and hold partial responsibility for the crime and any resulting damages. To win a lawsuit for the victims, a violent crime attorney must prove that the owner was negligent because no security or safety measures were taken to ensure the safety of patrons or visitors.

Victims of shootings will likely be faced with substantial medical bills; often times, they will also turn to their families for help paying them. Unfortunately, loss of employment and wages will hinder anyone injured in these crimes from sustaining themselves, but a lawsuit may help provide compensation that makes up for these damages. Connecting with a crime victim attorney will help these victims and their families determine if a civil suit is the right choice,” Kent described.

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