Club Roosevelt in Tallahassee, Florida

Shooting follows an altercation at Club Roosevelt in Tallahassee, FL.

Woman Shot After Altercation at a Tallahassee Night Club

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, on Sunday July 7, a woman was shot and severely injured outside of Club Roosevelt’s located at 1819 Fairbanks Ferry Rd Tallahassee, Florida. Allegedly a dispute occurred on the dance floor which then led to a fight and then shooting outside. The bullet struck the victim’s car and then her hip. She then had to have surgery. 

Brittany Alexander, 26, is being charged with attempted murder and carrying a concealed weapon. She apparently went to her car following the fight outside and then fired at the victim. Alexander denies intending to harm anyone and instead explains that she fired a warning shot.

Lake County’s Sheriff’s Office is currently handling the case.

Previous History of Violence in the Area

This shooting marks the 40th incident of gun violence in Leon County and Tallahassee in 2019. According to Tallahassee Democrat, 35 were injured and 8 were killed.

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Can a Night Club Owner Be Liable For Violent Crime on Their Property?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of crimevictim.Attorney represents nightclub victim shootings in civil cases. He has provided some of his legal advice below:

“Commercial property owners are required by law to protect their employees and customers from preventable dangers on or around the premises. Property owners, which includes nightclub owners, must offer adequate security to all customers on site. Adequate security may be something like video surveillance or a reasonable amount of security guards on site. There are many different forms of security that qualify, but the main point is that adequate security is required and when it is not offered there may be grounds for a lawsuit. For example, if someone gets shot at a nightclub and the owner acted negligently by not providing proper security standards, then the owner could potentially be liable for the victim’s injuries and the victim can then bring a lawsuit”, explains Mr. Kent.

To be clear, however, a violent crime victim’s attorney must also be able to show that the crime committed was reasonably foreseeable in addition to proving inadequate security. If the nightclub owner was aware of a high number of shootings at or around the club and someone gets shot on the premises because the owner did not maintain adequate security standards, he or she may be held liable for the incident. Overall, inadequate security followed by a reasonably foreseeable crime may allow the violent crime victim to bring forward a lawsuit against the property owner.

If you or someone you love has been affected by a nightclub shooting, we would like to help you and your family get the answers you deserve. Please feel free to reach out to our experienced crime victim attorney Brian Kent to discuss your legal options on this matter.

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