A fatal shooting at the unlicensed Triple A Aces Social Club leaves 4 injured and 4 dead.

Shooting at Triple A Aces Social Club Leaves 4 Dead and 4 Founded

According to the NY Times, four people were shot and killed at an unlicensed social club operating out of a townhouse in Brooklyn, located at 74 Utica Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213.

Police reported on October 10th around 7 am, there were at least 15 people playing cards and dice games when gunfire erupted. After the shooting, police found four people dead and three wounded. There was an additional victim hospitalized with a leg injury. All the victims of the shooting ranged from 32 to 49 years old.

The motive was not immediately apparent; investigators are attempting to determine if it was a robbery or gambling dispute. No suspects had yet been identified.

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Legal Options of Shooting Victims

Attorney contributor Laurence Banville represents victims of shootings on private property and their families in civil lawsuits. Laurence provided insight about the rights of victims wounded during a shooting in the below commentary.

“Bar and club owners have a legal obligation to uphold the safety of those on or around their property. Property owners must provide security measures to ensure the safety of their customers. Examples of preventative security measures include security cameras and guards. If proper security is not provided by a property owner and someone is injured on the bar or club’s property, the owner may be held liable.”

“In the case that a crime is considered foreseeable, a property owner may be considered liable. A crime could be deemed foreseeable if there were previous violent crimes on or around the club’s property, but there were no security improvements. Victims and their families should know they may have grounds for a lawsuit against the property owner. If a victim’s lawyer can prove the injury occurred because of inadequate protection, the victim and their family may qualify for monetary compensation.”

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