Route 78 in New Jersey

Police Search For Answers After Crash Shuts Down Westbound Route 78

Police were forced to shut down the westbound lanes of Route 78 on Sunday, September 22nd, 2019 for several hours after a crash caused a car to catch fire and a tractor-trailer overturned. A representitive indicated that the accident invovled two tractor-trailers and one car. It was also confirmed that multiple people were taken to the hosptial to be treated for injuries.

Police are still unsure of the cause of the accident and are investigating.

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Truck Accident Victims Do Have Legal Rights After Being Injured In A Crash

Brian Kent, an experienced truck accident attorney, has offered his comments on the legal rights of truck accident victims.

“When a truck accident causes serious injuries not only do victims suffer from tremendous physical pain but they often typically find that they suffer financially, despite auto insurance.

It can be devestating when the letter stating that policy limits have been met is received and there are still treatments required. Many accident victims wonder how they will be able to afford their medical bills when their career has been impacted. It’s no secret that medical bills can be quite costly – for example, the lifetime cost of treating a brain injury can reach as much as $3 million in care.

A truck accident lawsuit can provide full compensation for all medical bills, lost wages, physical pain, and emotional trauma. Fighting for this compensation is not easy but plaintiffs who choose to work with an experienced truck attorney can focus on healing while their legal team fights for their rights.

There are strict timelines when it comes to filing the legal paperwork so contacting a law firm as quickly as possible is important if you’ve been hurt in a truck accident.”



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