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West Springfield Elementary School

West Springfield Elementary School, where a daycare worker is accused of sex crimes.

Fairfax County Daycare Employee Accused of Child Sex Abuse

A daycare worker in Fairfax County, Virginia has been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing multiple children over a period of several years.

38-year-old Rolly Hammond is charged with multiple counts of aggravated sexual battery against children. He had been employed as a daycare worker for the Department of Family Services School Age Child Care program since 2008. This program is held at West Springfield Elementary School.

According to the police, someone contacted Child Protective Services on March 27 to report that a child had been touched inappropriately by Hammond. This led to an investigation, which revealed a second victim who spoke about being abused by Hammond for years.

Hammond faces charges of three counts of aggravated sexual battery, one count of forcible sodomy, and one count of indecent liberties by a custodian.

He has worked at several schools in the area, including West Springfield Elementary, Ravensworth Elementary, and Rolling Valley Elementary.

Authorities in Fairfax County are continuing to investigate and determine if there are other victims. Anyone with information has been asked to contact the police at 703-246-7800.

Legal Recourse for Families Affected by Daycare Sexual Abuse

Brian Kent of is a sexual abuse survivors attorney who helps survivors find justice through civil lawsuits. Here is some insight from Brian concerning the options for legal recourse available to daycare abuse victims and their families:

Sadly, workplaces that involve working with children often attract sexual predators who want to use their positions of authority and trust to commit terrible crimes. The people in charge of daycares, schools, and other similar workplaces must be aware of these dangers and do everything in their power to protect the kids under their watch from these predators. Those who fail to do so through negligence may be held liable if the parents of the survivors decide to file a lawsuit.

For example, a daycare can reduce the risk of abuse by conducting thorough background checks before hiring employees and by immediately reporting any allegations of sexual misconduct.

If you or your child is a survivor of sexual abuse at a daycare, you may be able to find justice through the legal system. You can learn more about your family’s legal options by speaking to an experienced sex abuse survivors lawyer.

Location of West Springfield Elementary School in Springfield, VA

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