Superhero Schoolhouse Day Care Aide, Kyle Finn, has been charged for sexually abusing children.

Superhero Schoolhouse Day Care Aide Charged for Sexually Abusing Three Children

According to ABC7NY, an aide at the Superhero Schoolhouse Day Care in Sayreville, New Jersey has been charged with sexually abusing three children.

Kyle Finn, 20-years-old, also worked as a camp counselor at the Sayreville Department of Recreation and Our Lady of Victories Parish Church. He also worked with children with brain injuries as a volunteer.

Finn was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, and endangering the welfare of a child. The investigation is ongoing and no further details have been released.

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Legal Options for Victims Sexually Abused at a Day Care

Attorney Contributor Brian Kent, an experienced sexual assault lawyer, has represented numerous families of sexual assault victims in civil lawsuits. We asked Brian to provide insight into the rights of victims and their families sexually abused at a day care. He reported the following:

“When parents enroll their children at daycares, they are expecting their children to be safe and treated respectfully during the day. In fact, daycares have a legal obligation to protect the children in their care from harm, including sexual assault. Across the country, we have seen staff and aides take advantage of their positions of power and trust to abuse children sexually. To protect children, day cares must ensure they have adequate security measures in place. For example, thorough background checks, reporting system easy for kids, or safety monitors watching aides. If day cares do not have ample security measures, if abuse occurs, the day care could be considered liable.”

“A victim and their family may have grounds for a civil lawsuit against their day care if the institution is deemed negligent in the sexual abuse. The family should ask if the day care did everything possible to prevent the sexual abuse from occurring. For example, if a day care did not have ample security measures or ignored previous misconduct reports about an employee, it could be considered negligent. In cases of negligence, if the victim’s lawyer proves the day care is liable, the victim and their family may receive compensation for damages.”

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