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Prospect High School

Prospect High School, where a soccer coach is accused of abusing a student.

Saratoga High School Soccer Coach Accused of Abusing Student-Athlete

A soccer coach at Prospect High School in the South Bay has been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a member of the soccer team, according to the police.

Family members of the 14-year-old victim contacted deputies with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office over the weekend to report that they believed the girl had been sexually abused by her soccer coach.

The coach, 24-year-old Jansen Estrada, was arrested on Monday, February 18 on suspicion of molestation of a person under the age of 18, oral copulation, penetration with a foreign object, and sexual battery.

Estrada also tutors 8th-grade students at Moreland Middle School and Eastbrook Discovery School, which are both in San Jose. According to deputies, there have not been any victims reported from these schools.

Anyone who has information related to this case has been encouraged to contact the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office at (409) 808-4500.

Are Schools Liable for Sexual Abuse by Their Employees?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of represents survivors of sexual violence in civil lawsuits, helping them fight for the justice and financial compensation they deserve. Here are some of his thoughts on school liability for sexual abuse by teachers, coaches, and other school employees:

Student safety needs to be a priority for all schools. As anyone who pays attention to local news knows, our schools have widespread problems with sexual abuse involving teachers, coaches, and other staff members. Our schools must be aware of the fact that sexual predators seek out positions in education and they must do all that they can to keep their students safe from these predators.

Tragically, many cases of sexual abuse by school employees may have been prevented if it weren’t for the school’s negligence. For example, a school might be deemed negligent if they failed to respond to previous reports of sexual misconduct involving an employee. In these types of cases, the victims and their families may have the right to sue the school district or private school.

If you or your child is a survivor of sexual abuse involving a school employee, the first step should be contacting the authorities. Additionally, we advise discussing your case with an experienced sex abuse survivors attorney in order to fully understand your legal options.

Location of Prospect High School in Saratoga, CA

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