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La Jolla Country Day School – a former teacher from the school has been arrested for sexual assault.

La Jolla Country Day Teacher Accused of Sexually Assaulting Minor

On Tuesday, a former teacher from La Jolla Country Day School was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor. As of September 13, it is unclear if the victim was a current or former student at the school or when the alleged crimes were reported.

35-year-old Jonathan Sammartino has been charged with one count of statutory rape and two counts involving sex acts with a minor. The charges were filed locally.

Sammartino began teaching at The Harker School in San Jose at the beginning of this school year. He has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation. According to The Harker School, these charges were filed after they’d already conducted a background check on him.

Sammartino taught upper-level social science courses in LJCDS’s Upper School (high school) from 2012 to 2016. He also lectured at the University of California – San Diego.

Legal Recourse For Victims of Sexual Abuse at School

Brian Kent of helps the victims of sexual abuse and assault find justice and support. We’ve asked him for some input into the legal options available to these victims:

Schools are supposed to be enriching environments where our kids can learn and grow as people. But unfortunately, the individuals employed by these schools are not always people who should be around kids. While most teachers and educational professionals are honorable people, a minority are sexual predators who use their positions of trust and authority as a means to sexually abuse students.

When a child is sexually assaulted by a teacher, coach, or another school employee, making sure the perpetrator is held criminally responsible is always the first step. But families should also be aware that, in cases where the school’s negligence played a role in the assault, the family could have grounds for a lawsuit against the school. For example, failure to run a background check on a new employee who had a history of sexual misconduct would likely be considered negligence.

If you believe your child was sexually abused by a school employee and you’re curious about your legal options, we advise discussing your situation with an experienced sexual abuse victims lawyer in a free consultation.

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