St. Francis High School

A track and country coach at St. Francis High School in Sacramento has been charged with Sexual Assault

Track and Cross Country Coach, Aaron Rios Charged with Sexual Assault

Sacramento Police have arrested a former track and cross country running coach at a Sacramento private school. Abc10 reports that he is charged with sexually assaulting a student.

38-year-old Aaron Rios was arrested on August 18th after the administration at St. Francis High School learned of an “inappropriate relationship” between Francis and a student at the school.

According to a letter from St. Francis High School administration, Rios resigned from the school earlier this week and the school administration has worked with police and aided their investigation.

Rios has been booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail. Detectives are continuing to investigate the incident and anyone with information is encouraged to reach out to the dispatch center at 916-264-5471 or Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers.

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Legal Options for Sexual Assault Victims at a School

Attorney Commentator Bobby Thompson has experience in representing victims of school sexual abuse and helping them find justice. In addition to criminal proceedings, Bobby describes below the requirements for a victim to receive compensation in a civil lawsuit as well:

“Sexual predators often attempt to place themselves in jobs where they are put in positions of power and trust near children. Jobs at schools as a teacher or coach are an alarmingly common target for these individuals. Because of the high frequency of sexual abuse cases at schools, school administration is required to try and limit the chances of sexual abuse on the school’s grounds.”

“Certain measures taken by a school can have a significant impact on the chances of a sexual assault. For example, background checks and extensive interviews can help weed out candidates who seem suspicious. Schools can also implement other measures such as having an easy-reporting system so that students know who they can call to report a sexual assault. If a school doesn’t take the necessary steps to prevent a sexual assault, then they may be held liable for negligence and a family can file a lawsuit against them for damages.”

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