A middle school teacher at The Salk School of Science is under investigation following anonymous accusations of sexual assault

Teacher at the Salk School of Science Middle School Accused of Sexually Assaulting Students

According to NY Post, an unnamed teacher has been accused of sexual assault by two former students. The name and gender of the teacher have not been disclosed.

The accusations were posted anonymously on Instagram and went viral in the parent community of Salk School of Science within the last month. The Instagram post, without stating the teacher’s name, gave an account of the alleged assault. The post alleged the teacher forced the student to perform oral sex in exchange for a passing grade. The second accuser stated the teacher, during homework help, attempted to pull down their leggings. Since the accusations are anonymous, more information past the posts are unknown, but an investigation is undergoing in attempt to uncover more information.

In a school town hall meeting, the principal faced multiple angry parents’ questions about the teacher and the alleged assaults. Parents want this teacher to be removed from teaching in-person classes. The principal stated she could not do this but acknowledged the active investigation. As a result, some parents have pulled their children from in-person classes.

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Legal Options of Victims Sexually Abused at School

Attorney Laurence Banville, experienced in sexual assault, represents victims of teacher sex abuse. Below, Laurence shared commentary on school sexual abuse victims’ legal options to determine their rights and potentially receive compensation.

“Sexual assault in schools is common because of the proximity to children. Many sexual predators use these positions of power to get close to students. Administrations, knowing the risk, must implement adequate safety measures to uphold the safety of their students. For example, schools could implement background checks, security cameras, or anonymous reporting systems.”

“If schools fail to provide adequate security for their students if a sexual assault occurs, they may be considered liable. In cases of negligence, victims and their families should know they have grounds for a civil lawsuit. Victims who believe they may have grounds for a lawsuit against their school should secure the services of an experienced sexual assault attorney to discuss their rights further.”

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