A New York tutor has been charged for sexual exploitation of a child and transporting child pornography.

New York Tutor Charged for Sexually Exploiting a 7-year-old and Transporting Child Pornography

According to NBC, a New York tutor has been accused of sexually exploiting a seven-year-old girl and transporting child pornography.

John Mueser, 69-years-old, allegedly induced a seven-year-old to engage in sexually explicit conduct. He used his phone to record the activity and transported the images from Connecticut to New York.

Mueser worked with the following organizations as a tutor and other positions: 1) Riverdale Country School, 2) Camp Riverdale of Education, Sports, and Fun Summer Camp, 3) TCR-on-the-Hudson Day Camp (Tennis Club of Riverdale- College of Mount Saint Vincent), 4) Christ Church of Riverdale

Mueser has been charged with one count of sexual exploitation and one count of transporting child pornography.

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Legal Options of Students Sexual Assaulted by a Tutor

Attorney contributor Laurence Banville, a sexual assault lawyer, represents sexual abuse victims. He has represented numerous victims sexually abused by a tutor in civil lawsuits. In an interview, we asked Laurence to share insight into these victims’ legal options to help determine their rights.

“We have seen across the country, teachers, coaches, and tutors abuse their power and sexually abuse students. Many sexual predators use their positions of power at schools to abuse students. To ensure students’ safety and help prevent sexual assault, schools must take proper precautions and implement safety measures. Examples of safety measures are misconduct reporting systems and security cameras in classrooms, but there are more.”

“If a school does not provide ample security for their students who are being tutored, they may be considered liable in sexual misconduct cases. A school could be considered liable as a result of negligence in some cases. Examples of negligence are if inappropriate actions were caught on camera but ignored the actions or if a victim accused a tutor of sexual assault, but there was no investigation. Victims sexually abused by a tutor or at a school should know they may have grounds for a civil lawsuit and may receive compensation for damages.”

Riverdale Country School in Bronx, NY



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