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Lakeland, FL - Lakeland High School Track Coach Jarvis Young Arrested for Sexual Battering Teen Boy

Lakeland, FL - Lakeland High School Track Coach Jarvis Young Arrested for Sexual Battering Teen Boy
Published: September 21, 2023
By: Darla Medina
Last Updated on September 21, 2023

FL High School Track Coach Arrested for Alleged Sexual Contact with Student

Fox News reported a high school track coach from Lakeland High School located at 726 Hollingsworth Rd, Lakeland, FL 33801, has been apprehended by authorities for allegedly attempting to engage in sexual contact with a 16-year-old student and failing to disclose his HIV-positive status. The arrest of 40-year-old Jarvis Young took place on Thursday, September 14, 2023, following an investigation conducted by the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

According to law enforcement officials, Young faces multiple charges, including sexual battery of a victim aged between 12 and 18 years by a custodial authority, lewd and lascivious acts by an individual aged 24 or older on a victim between 16 and 17 years old, abuse of a child without bodily harm, interfering with the custody of a minor, and engaging in sexual activity without informing his partner about his HIV-positive status.

The investigation into Young commenced on August 28 after a 16-year-old student at Lakeland High School disclosed to the school resource deputy about an alleged incident of sexual contact initiated by the track coach. The victim claimed that Young had been providing him with a massage when he proceeded to remove the victim's shorts and made inappropriate physical contact, including an attempt to engage in oral sex. The victim managed to intervene and halt the encounter. The incident occurred two days prior to the victim's interview and took place within a school building.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd addressed the media and announced Young's arrest. He revealed that the accused had previously been arrested for engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior with minors, although he had never been convicted. Judd described Young as a dangerous predator, emphasizing his inappropriate attraction towards children and his exploitation of his position of authority for his own sexual gratification. The sheriff called for Young to be incarcerated and permanently restricted from unsupervised contact with children.

Judd further disclosed that Young had faced charges of conspiracy to commit sexual battery by a person in authority in 2011. At that time, Young and another individual were accused of picking up two juveniles they mentored and transporting them to Orlando, where the victims were sexually assaulted. However, the case was ultimately dropped due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.

Additionally, in 2017, the Lakeland Police Department learned of another incident involving Young and a juvenile who reported that the coach had touched his thigh and attempted to unzip his pants. No criminal charges were filed in that particular case. 

The arrest of Jarvis Young has sent shockwaves through the community, raising concerns about the safety and well-being of students within educational institutions. Authorities are urging anyone with additional information about the coach's activities or potential victims to come forward and assist with the ongoing investigation.

Michael Haggard Florida Lawyer
Hello, I’m attorney Michael Haggard. I am licensed to practice law in Florida. If you or a loved one needs legal assistance, I’d be happy to speak with you. Call me on the number below. It costs nothing, and it would be my honor to help you.
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Empowering Victims of School Sexual Abuse – An Interview with Child Sexual Assault Lawyer

In the wake of a disturbing case involving a Florida high school track coach accused of sexual abuse, it is crucial to explore the legal avenues available to all victims seeking justice. In a recent interview, child sexual assault lawyer, Michael Haggard, Esq., sheds light on the options victims have in pursuing civil cases against liable parties.

Darla Medina: Good day, Mr. Haggard. Thank you for joining us today to shed light on an important topic. In cases like the one involving the Florida high school track coach, where victims have suffered sexual abuse, what avenues are available for them in terms of pursuing civil action against the responsible parties?

Michael Haggard, Esq.: Thank you for having me, Darla. It's crucial to address this issue and support the victims. In situations like these, victims may have the option to pursue a civil case against the liable parties. Civil litigation can provide a means for victims to seek justice and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Darla Medina: Could you explain the process involved in initiating a civil case for victims of sexual abuse?

Michael Haggard, Esq.: Certainly, Darla. When a victim decides to pursue a civil case, they typically consult with an attorney experienced in handling these sensitive matters. The attorney will work closely with the victim to gather evidence, conduct investigations, and build a strong legal strategy.

Darla Medina: What types of compensation might victims seek through a civil case?

Michael Haggard, Esq.: Victims in civil cases may seek various forms of compensation, including but not limited to medical expenses, therapy costs, loss of income, pain and suffering, and punitive damages. The goal is to help the victim recover both physically and emotionally while holding the responsible parties financially accountable for the harm caused.

Darla Medina: Are there any challenges victims may face when pursuing a civil case?

Michael Haggard, Esq.: Yes, there can be challenges. Victims may encounter obstacles such as statutes of limitations, which vary from state to state and may restrict the timeframe within which a case can be filed. Additionally, gathering evidence and proving liability can be complex in these cases. However, with the support of a skilled attorney, victims can navigate these challenges and pursue the justice they deserve.

Darla Medina: Finally, what advice do you have for victims who may be considering taking legal action?

Michael Haggard, Esq.: My advice would be to prioritize their well-being and seek professional help from an experienced attorney specializing in child sexual assault cases. It's crucial to have a supportive legal team that can guide victims through the legal process, provide emotional support, and advocate for their rights. Victims should also remember that they are not alone, and there are resources available to help them along their journey toward justice.


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