Hillsborough County, Florida - 2 Dead, 5 Injured In I-75 Pile-Up Involving Two Semi-Trucks

Driver Of Semi Failed To Stop, Led To Chain-Reaction Crash With Seven Other Vehicles

The fatal and multi-vehicle accident occurred Wednesday, November 13th around 6PM on the northbound lanes of I-75, just past the New Tampa Blvd overpass.

A traffic slowdown caused a backup of vehicles in the area. Of the vehicles involved in the crash, all but the last one were able to reduce speed in time. This eventually eventually led to the chain-reaction of impacts.

The last vehicle was a tractor-trailer driven by an unnamed man who was killed in the incident. The driver of a Mercedes sedan that was stopped in traffic was also killed when their car was crushed by the tractor-trailer and later engulfed in flames.

The names of the victims who survived albeit with varying degrees of injuries include: Usman Riaz, 37; Candice Reetz, 35; Roberto Maldonado Jr., 28; Katheleen Ybarra, 26; George Pagan, 57; Jason Howard, 36.

The segment of Interstate 75 remained closed for many hours while crews cleaned up the ensuing debris. The cause of the deadly incident is still under investigation.

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Unfortunately, when these tragedies manifest themselves as accidents involving trucks, all persons involved are likely to suffer serious injuries such as fractures or brain and spinal damage. It’s also true that many simply don’t have the chance to walk away from these crashes.

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