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Dr. Carl Renner has been charged with sexually abusing one of his patients in Hasbrouck Heights.

Dr. Carl Renner Accused of Sexually Assaulting Patient During Office Visit

67-year-old Dr. Carl Renner has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting one of his patients during an office visit at Heights Medical in Hasbrouck Heights.

The alleged sexual assault was reported to the Hasbrouck Heights Police Department on June 3. A patient told police that Renner had sexually assaulted them during a routine visit to his office at the Heights Medica building.

The Prosecutor’s Office and Hasbrouck Heights police investigated the allegations together and arrested Renner on Thursday, June 6. He is charged with one count of 2nd-degree sexual assault.

Renner was released on June 17 with conditions including home detention, electronic monitoring, no contact with patients or his medical practice, and the surrender of his passport.

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Legal Options For Victims of Sexual Assault by Doctors

Brian Kent, a former sex crimes prosecutor, represents victims of sexual assault in civil lawsuits. Our attorneys have experience in cases involving doctors and other medical professionals who have sexually assaulted their patients. Read below for some general information on the legal rights of doctor sexual assault victims:

Doctors and other medical professionals are trusted members of their communities. In fact, our doctors know us better than just about anyone outside of our families and close friends. Most doctors are worthy of this trust, but sadly, there have also been widespread reports of doctors sexually abusing their patients throughout the country.

When a doctor sexually assaults one of their patients, it’s important for the victim to be aware of their legal rights. Reporting the assault to law enforcement should be a priority so that the perpetrator can be investigated and prosecuted before he or she assaults others. Additionally, the victims of these heinous crimes may have grounds for civil action in the form of a lawsuit against the doctor, and in some cases, the facility where the assault occurred.

A healthcare facility may be held liable for sexual assaults committed by doctors and other staff members if the facility’s negligence allowed the assault to happen. For example, a healthcare facility might be considered negligent if they had ignored previous allegations of sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior involving the perpetrator.

If you or someone you love has been sexually assaulted by a medical professional, you can learn more about your legal options by discussing your case with an experienced doctor sexual abuse lawyer.

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