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Glendale, AZ - Nathaniel Pineda, a Teacher at Dream City Christian School, Facing Multiple Felonies After Being Accused of Sexually Abusing Student

Glendale, AZ - Nathaniel Pineda, a Teacher at Dream City Christian School, Facing Multiple Felonies After Being Accused of Sexually Abusing Student
Published: February 22, 2024
By: Darla Medina
Last Updated on February 22, 2024

Arizona Christian School Teacher Arrested for Alleged Sexual Abuse of Student

According to AZ Family, a Glendale teacher is facing multiple felonies after being arrested for allegedly sexually abusing one of his students at Dream City Christian School located at 21000 N 75th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308. The suspect, identified as 35-year-old Nathaniel Pineda, was taken into custody and booked into jail following an investigation by the Glendale Police Department.

Court documents stated the incident came to light on January 4, 2024, when the parents of a 15-year-old girl reported to the police that their daughter had been sexually assaulted. The parents had discovered inappropriate text messages on their daughter's cell phone exchanged between her and Pineda. The victim revealed that the illicit communication had commenced at the beginning of the school year in August, and sexual activity had occurred a few months prior.

To conceal their relationship, the victim had saved Pineda's contact as "Natalie" on her phone. Police authorities revealed that the text messages indicated Pineda's explicit inquiries about sex and requests for sexual favors. The victim further disclosed that Pineda had manipulated her into becoming his girlfriend, coercing her to wait for him so they could eventually get married.

During their alleged relationship from late September to late October, Pineda would reportedly sneak the girl out of her home and bring her to his mother's house, where he resided, to engage in sexual acts. Disturbingly, on Wednesday, Pineda instructed the victim to delete all their incriminating messages, expressing concern over potential legal consequences. He also urged her to deny any involvement if questioned by authorities.

On Thursday, police apprehended Pineda at his mother's residence, and he now faces multiple charges, including four counts of sexual conduct with a minor, four counts of sexual abuse, and one count of luring a minor.

Dream City Christian School (DCCS), where Pineda was employed, issued a statement acknowledging the arrest of their former employee. The school stated that they were made aware of the allegations concerning Pineda two weeks ago and promptly reported the information to law enforcement. Additionally, the school took immediate action to remove Pineda from the campus.

DCCS expressed gratitude to the Glendale Police Department for their diligent and professional handling of the investigation. They emphasized that the well-being of their students is of utmost importance and requested that the privacy of the students and their families be respected, especially those individuals most affected by these distressing events.

Authorities are urging anyone with additional information or potential victims to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation. The Glendale Police Department encourages the community to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities that may involve Pineda or any other potential threats to student safety.

Hello. My name is Kevin Biniazan. I am licensed to practice law in Arizona and Virginia. If you or a loved one needs legal assistance, I’d be happy to speak with you. Call the number below. It would be my honor to help you. Consultations are free.
(888) 997-3792

Child Sex Abuse Attorney Discusses Civil Cases Against Christian Schools

In light of recent allegations of sexual abuse within the Glendale Christian school, the path to justice for school abuse victims and their families may involve pursuing civil cases against the responsible parties. In this interview, child sex abuse attorney Kevin Biniazan, Esq., explains some options available and the unique considerations involved in holding Christian schools accountable. From the burden of proof to potential challenges, Biniazan provides valuable insights for those seeking legal recourse in cases of Christian school sex abuse.

Editor Darla Medina (DM): Thank you for being here, Mr. Biniazan.

Attorney Kevin Biniazan (KB): Thank you for having me, Darla. It's important to discuss these sensitive and critical matters.

DM: Absolutely. Given the recent allegations of sexual abuse concerning a teacher at Dream City Christian School, could you provide some insights into what options are available for sex abuse victims and their families in pursuing civil cases against liable parties?

KB: Certainly, Darla. When it comes to cases of child sex abuse, victims and their families have legal recourse through civil litigation. They can file a civil lawsuit seeking compensation for the harm caused by the abuse and hold the responsible parties accountable. In the case of a Christian school, if it can be proven that the school was negligent in its duty to protect the students from harm or failed to take appropriate action upon learning of the abuse, it may be held liable.

DM: What would be the key elements that need to be established in such cases?

KB: In a civil case, the burden of proof rests with the victim and their legal representation. They must establish that the abuse occurred, that the defendant (in this example, the school) had a duty of care towards the victim, that the defendant breached that duty, and that the breach of duty directly caused the harm suffered by the victim. Evidence such as witness testimonies, documentation, and expert opinions can play a crucial role in building a strong case.

DM: Are there any particular challenges or considerations that arise when pursuing legal action against a Christian school?

KB: Yes, there can be unique challenges when taking legal action against a Christian school. These institutions often have specific legal protections, such as religious exemptions, which may impact the legal landscape. However, it's important to remember that no institution is above the law, and if negligence or misconduct can be proven, justice can still be sought.

DM: For families who may be considering pursuing a civil case, what would you tell them?

KB: I would advise them to seek legal counsel from experienced child sex abuse attorneys who specialize in these cases. These attorneys can provide guidance, support, and help navigate the complex legal process. It's important for families to understand their rights and options, as well as any time limitations for filing a lawsuit, which can vary depending on the jurisdiction.

DM: Thank you, Mr. Biniazan, for sharing your insights and shedding light on the legal aspects of such cases. It's crucial for our viewers to be informed in these difficult situations.

KB: Thank you, Darla. It's my pleasure to contribute to the discussion and help raise awareness on this important issue.


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