Freeport, New York - Construction Worker Fatally Struck By Asphalt Truck Near Guy Lombardo Ave

Victim Identified As 39-Year-Old Charles Grange Jr. Of Massapequa, NY

Last Update: 7/13/2020

A construction worker was killed in the morning hours of Tuesday, October 22nd when he was struck by an 18-wheeler asphalt truck being used on a project site.

Around 10:15AM, Nassau County emergency units attended the call coming from the construction site located near the intersection of Guy Lombardo Avenue and Grant Street. Lifesaving procedures were attempted at the scene but Grange was ultimately pronounced dead.

No other victims were reported.

The paving work had been underway in the neighborhood throughout the weeks before the fatal accident without other issues. Nevertheless, local authorities are conducting an investigation into this tragic incident.

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Legal Recourses for Construction Accident Victims

An experienced construction death attorney at BanvilleLaw.com and contributor to Legal Herald, Laurence Banville shared the following insight for loved ones of victims killed in construction accidents:

“While it’s not something that is often discussed, it can easily be said that the United States has become the industrious powerhouse it is today thanks in part to the brave men and women who labored on construction sites to make it happen.

These bold construction workers faced dangers and hazards every day that they stepped on a construction site, and they persevered nonetheless.

So what happens when these honorable employees are injured on the job? As any other employee, they have the right to receive compensation to cover the treatment of their injuries. In some cases, lost income can also be reimbursed.

Yet, construction sites are one of the deadliest workplaces. This is mostly due to the powerful tools and heavy machinery that are often encountered there. What options exist when these known hazards take the life of a worker?

The family members of victims have the right to pursue a construction death lawsuit on their loved one’s behalf. Through this lawsuit, they are able to bring to justice those who allowed negligence to take their family member’s life. The lawsuit can also provide a financial compensation that takes care of medical bills and funeral expenses, but which can also take into account loss of companionship as well as loss of income.

Persons considering filing a lawsuit after their loved one suffered a fatal construction accident should consult with an experienced attorney to determine all the possible legal options which exist in their situation.”



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