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Franklin Community High School

Franklin Community High School, where a choir teacher is accused of child seduction.

Franklin Police Investigating Child Seduction Allegations Against Teacher

Officers with the Franklin Police Department arrested a choir teacher from Franklin Community High School on October 3 based on allegations of child seduction. The department has said that they cannot release many details about the case at this time, but said that detectives have been working on it since they were first made aware of the allegations on Monday.

Alex Brickens, the assistant director of choirs at Franklin Community High, has been accused of child seduction. Brickens was suspended from Franklin Community High School after the school learned of the allegations involving a student at the school.

The school has offered counseling services to students. The principal also sent a letter to choir parents about the arrest and the conversation he had with students at the school the morning of the arrest.

Legal Options For Families Affected by Teacher Sexual Abuse

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of helps families affected by sexual violence fight for justice and the financial compensation they deserve. Here is his perspective on the legal rights of the victims of teacher sexual abuse:

Schools should be safe spaces where our children can learn and grow. However, sometimes schools hire employees who end up being sexual predators who seek to use their positions of power as a means to sexually abuse students. When this happens, the victims and their families deserve answers. In some cases, the school district is partially at fault for failing to protect their students from sexual predators.

If your child has recently come forward about being sexually abused by a teacher, you may have many questions. It’s important to know that both the criminal justice system and the civil court system are here to help. To learn more about your family’s legal options, considering speaking to an experienced sexual abuse victims lawyer today.

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