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Sokol gymnastics Fort Worth Texas

The Sokol gymnastics facility in Fort Worth, TX – where a former gymnastics teacher is accused of sexually abusing several girls.

Indiana Police Arrest Elite Gymnastics Coach Wanted For Sex Abuse In Texas

Former elite Texas gymnastics coach Skipper Glenn Crawley was arrested in Indianapolis on Wednesday, August 1 after authorities executed a warrant at his residence. At least three youth gymnasts, all under 14 years old, have accused Crawley of sexually abusing them at the Sokol Gymnastics facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Crawley faces extradition back to Texas to answer to the allegations against him. The 51-year-old Crawley allegedly molested three victims between ages 8 and 13 during his time as a youth gymnastics coach at the facility. Crawley was banned from USA Gymnastics immediately following the allegations in late April and is believed to have been working at a trainer at a 24 Hour Fitness in Indiana.

Sexual Abuse By Authority Figures

These allegations come months after disgraced former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison after pleading guilty to sexual assault. Hundreds of girls and women accused Nassar of sexually assaulting them under the guise of medical treatment while he was the Team USA doctor.

In March 2018, Michigan State University agreed to pay $500 million to settle lawsuits filed by 332 alleged victims of Nassar. $425 million will be distributed to the victims, for an average of about $1.28 million per victim. Michigan State will set aside the remaining $75 million in a trust fund for any other victims who come forward in the future.

Unfortunately, sexual predators often seek positions of power and trust that can be exploited in order to sexually abuse the people that trust them. Other victims may be out there, and those who are thinking of coming forward should consider speaking to the police and possibly a victims rights lawyer.

What Are The Legal Rights of Victims of Coach Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse victims lawyer Brian Kent of would like to briefly discuss the rights of abuse victims:

For many victims of sexual abuse, seeing their abuser prosecuted and incarcerated can be an important part of the healing process. However, victims should also consider how civil lawsuits can help them. In many cases of serial sexual abuse, the abuser was enabled in one way or another by one or more third parties. In the Michigan State and Larry Nassar case, the victims’ lawsuit alleged negligence on the part of the university, as complaints had been made about Nassar dating as far back as 1997.

When a third party failed to do all in their power to protect the victims of sexual abuse, they can be held liable for damages in a lawsuit. Evaluating liability is a complex process which will require assistance from an experienced sexual abuse victims’ lawyer.

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