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Chatsworth, NJ - Chatsworth Elementary Special Education Teacher, Vincent Root, Charged With Sexually Touching 14 Students

Chatsworth, NJ - Chatsworth Elementary Special Education Teacher, Vincent Root, Charged With Sexually Touching 14 Students
Published: May 29, 2024
By: Darla Medina
Last Updated on May 29, 2024

NJ Special Ed Teacher Facing 28 Charges in Disturbing Child Assault Case

According to ABC 6, a former special education teacher at a Burlington County elementary school has been hit with even more charges related to the alleged sexual abuse of his students. Vincent Root, age 59, has now been indicted on 28 counts stemming from accusations that he inappropriately touched seven additional students at Chatsworth Elementary School located at 2nd St, Chatsworth, NJ 08019, in Woodland Township. This comes on top of the seven charges he was already facing from October 2023, when a former student first came forward to accuse Root of assaulting him.

The investigation into Root's alleged crimes began last year, after that initial student came forward and reported that Root had touched him inappropriately during previous school years. Further inquiries uncovered seven more alleged victims, all of whom say they were assaulted inside classrooms at the school over a multi-year period.

At his arraignment last week, Root entered a plea of not guilty to the new 28-count indictment. He is currently free pending trial, which is sure to be a highly scrutinized and disturbing case for the local community.

Officials from the Burlington County prosecutor's office stated that all of the alleged victims were male students who were targeted within the school building. The abuse is said to have occurred over an extended timeframe.

Stewart Ryan
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Accountability for Abusive Special Educators and Legal Options for Victims

In the wake of a disturbing case involving a former special education teacher accused of sexually assaulting students, we sat down with experienced New Jersey school sexual assault attorney Stewart Ryan to discuss the legal rights and remedies available to the victims and their families. Ryan provided valuable perspective on holding both the individual perpetrator and the negligent school district accountable through the criminal justice system and civil lawsuits.

Editor Darla Medina: Mr. Ryan, what are some of the key legal options available to the victims and their families in a case like this involving a special education teacher accused of sexually assaulting multiple students?

Attorney Stewart Ryan: Unfortunately, these types of cases involving the abuse of vulnerable students by a person in a position of trust are all too common. The victims and their families have several potential avenues for seeking justice and accountability.

First and foremost, the criminal justice system will be pursuing charges against the accused teacher. This can result in serious prison time if convicted. However, the victims may also have grounds for civil lawsuits against not only the teacher, but potentially the school district as well.

Schools have a duty to protect the safety and wellbeing of their students, especially those with special needs who are extra vulnerable. If it's found that the district failed to properly screen, train or supervise this teacher, despite any prior red flags, they could be held liable. The victims may be entitled to significant financial compensation to help address the trauma and harm caused.

DM: What are some of the key factors that would determine the school district's liability in a case like this?

SR: The big question is whether the school administrators knew or should have known about the teacher's inappropriate behavior, and failed to take adequate steps to prevent the abuse from occurring. Things like prior complaints, disciplinary issues, or red flags in the teacher's background that were overlooked could all contribute to the district being found negligent.

Ultimately, the school has an obligation to provide a safe learning environment for all students. If they fell short in fulfilling that duty of care, then they share responsibility for the horrific harm done to these young victims. The district may try to claim they had no knowledge, but that defense doesn't always hold up under scrutiny.

DM: What advice would you give to the victims and their families as they consider their legal options?

SR: My heart goes out to everyone impacted by this terrible abuse of power. I would urge the victims and their families to consult with an experienced attorney who specializes in school sexual assault cases. They need to understand their full rights and the legal remedies available to them.

Time is of the essence, as there are deadlines and specific procedures that must be followed. But more importantly, they deserve to have their voices heard, to hold all responsible parties accountable, and to get the justice and support they need to begin healing from this trauma.

No child should ever have to endure something like this, especially at the hands of a trusted educator. These families deserve answers, change, and meaningful compensation to help them rebuild their lives.

DM: Thank you, Mr. Ryan, for providing this important legal perspective on such a difficult and sensitive topic. The victims and community will surely need all the support they can get as this case unfolds.

SR: Of course, I'm happy to shed light on these issues. My door is always open to assist victims and families seeking justice and accountability in these types of heartbreaking situations.

Seeking Support and Justice for School Sex Abuse

While seeking justice for sexual abuse by a special education teacher will be a long and difficult process, the victims and their families should not have to navigate the legal system alone. Stewart Ryan stressed the importance of consulting an experienced attorney who specializes in school sexual assault cases. They can help ensure victims' rights are protected and guide them through the steps to seek the accountability, compensation, and support they deserve. Those impacted by this disturbing abuse are encouraged to reach out for a free, confidential consultation to understand their full legal options moving forward.



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