Bensalem, Pennsylvania - Three Injured In Crash Between Oil Tanker And SUV That Ended In Flames

Crash Occurred On I-95 Overpass Near Street Road Exit

Both Interstate 95 and Route 13 were closed the night of Friday, November 15th after a nearly-fatal accident took place involving a heating oil tanker and an SUV passenger vehicle in Bucks County.

The truck, which was carrying a 4,000-pound payload, reportedly crashed into the other vehicle, causing the highly-flammable fuel to spill and ignite. Both vehicle were consumed by the flames but the passengers were all able to escape.

The two passengers of the SUV were transported by emergency crews to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The same was true for the driver of the tanker truck.

I-95 lanes in the southbound direction opened after a couple of hours, though Route 13 remained closed as crews worked to clean up the scene. The exact cause of the incident is still being investigated.

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A regular contributor to Legal Herald and experienced truck accident attorney at BanvilleLaw.com, Laurence Banville shared the following information for individuals who may have suffered injuries in a similar situation:

“No one ever thinks that they’re going to be the ones involved in an accident, but unfortunately these continue to take place every single day, and every single day people are injured. That is, of course, in the situations in which they’re lucky enough to survive.

The injuries suffered by victims in incidents involving trucks tend to be even more severe simply due to the mass of just about all types of trucks. Some of the types of injuries seen in truck accidents include fractures, brain damage, nerve damage, and even amputation.

These injuries are quite expensive to treat and often require long-term care. Insurance policies will often cover a part of the damages, but they will rarely cover all of them, essentially leaving victims and their loved ones to deal with the consequences by themselves.

In these instances, a truck accident lawsuit can be one of the only ways for victims to receive the help they deserve. Through a lawsuit, victims and their families can receive a compensation that covers all medical expenses as well as other damages resulting from the crash.

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