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Vista PEAK preparatory school

Vista Peak Preparatory school in Aurora, where a teacher is accused of sexually assaulting a student.

Vista PEAK Prep School Teacher Arrested on Sexual Assault Allegations

Police in Aurora arrested a Vista PEAK Preparatory School teacher on August 7 based on allegations that he sexually abused a student at the school. 35-year-old Gabriel Alsina was charged with sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust and sexual assault on a child – pattern of abuse.

According to the Aurora police, they were notified of a possible sexual relationship between Alsina and a student on July 26. They investigated this claim over the course of several days, conducting interviews and gathering statements. Alsina was arrested at the school on the morning of Tuesday, August 7.

Alsina was placed on leave after authorities notified the school about the allegations.

When Are Schools Liable For Sexual Abuse by Staff?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of specializes in helping the victims of sexual assault and abuse find justice. We’ve asked him to discuss school liability in cases of student sexual abuse

Schools are supposed to be enriching environments where young minds can develop. But unfortunately, some of the individuals who choose to work with kids are predators who exploit their positions of authority in order to abuse students. When allegations of sexual abuse by a school staff member arise, the priority is always making sure the perpetrator is arrested and prosecuted before they can hurt anyone else. In the aftermath of these allegations, it’s also important to consider whether the school is at fault for failing to prevent the sexual abuse.

In some cases of school sexual abuse, negligence on the school’s part may have enabled the abuse to occur. Some examples would be a school failing to run a background check that may have shown a criminal history or failing to properly report complaints of abuse to the authorities.

Liability for school sexual abuse is complicated, but an experienced sexual abuse victims lawyer can help you determine if your child’s school was negligent and if they could be held liable for damages in a lawsuit.

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