York County, Virginia - More Than 50 Injured in 69-Vehicle Pileup on Interstate 64

At Least 11 Of The Victims Are Being Treated For Severe Injuries

The chain-reaction crash occurred in the early morning hours, around 8AM, of Sunday, December 22nd in York County.

While the scene was extensive, the wreckage was mostly accumulated on the Queens Creek Bridge which is near exit 238 (Camp Peary) on I-64. State police indicated that a section of the bridge was under construction, though it is not clear if this fact played a part in the pileup. The crashes were not believed to have compromised the integrity of the bridge.

The latest reports from authorities indicated that a total of 51 individuals were transported and treated following the collisions. More than two dozen were treated at Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport. Another 21 were taken to Regional Doctors’ Hospital in Williamsburg. Additional victims were also taken to VCU Medical Center (Richmond) and Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center.

Officials believe that icy road conditions, particularly on the bridge, as well as a dense fog could have been a factor in the accidents. An investigation is still being carried out, so no charges have been pressed.

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