Wichita, Kansas - Worker Killed In Construction Equipment Accident At Case New Holland Construction

Victim Identified As 35-Year-Old Andrew Taylor

The accident occurred around 4AM on Wednesday, November 20th at the Case New Holland Construction location on the 3300 block of South Hoover Road.

Few details have been offered by authorities regarding the incident. All that is known is that Taylor was injured while working on machinery and though co-workers quickly came to his side and performed life-saving measures, he would later succumb to his injuries at a local hospital.

Kevin Wheeler, a spokesman for Wichita PD, confirmed the identity of the victim. It is expected for an investigation into the incident to be conducted by local authorities and potentially by OSHA as well.

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Indeed, while working on any kind of construction or industrial project, those present on the site are constantly at risk whether it be due to the heavy machinery or power tools employed, or simply because of the fact that many independent subcontractors can be present at the same time.

When these workers do become victims of injuries, they can count on the worker’s compensation system to serve as support. As any other employee of any other profession, industrial employees have the right to file claims when they suffer work-site injuries. Unfortunately the process for claims can be quite complex and, if a claim is improperly filed, it can receive a diminished payout or even be denied.

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