Construction Worker Killed By Tractor In Waldorf MD

57-Year-Old Pinned Under Tractor Was Freed By Emergency Units

The Waldorf Police and Fire personnel responded to a call on Monday, September 23rd before 2PM regarding a construction worker trapped under the front axle of a Bobcat.

Once at the scene, which was located near the 7900 block of Pebble Creek Court, the crews worked quickly to free the man. By that time, he had already suffered injuries to his legs and head. A helicopter unit was also immediately requested as they worked to unpin the victim.

The man was freed though he remained unconscious. Paramedics were able to immobilize the victim before transferring him to the landing zone. Unfortunately, he was declared dead at the scene.

The incident is currently being investigated by local police as well as by OSHA. The name of the victim is yet to be released, as are more details regarding this catastrophe.

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Civil Lawsuit Options For Victims of Construction Accidents

Aaron Blank, an experienced construction injury attorney and contributor to Legal Herald, has shared some important details that victims of construction accidents and their loved ones should be familiar with:

“Construction sites are often bustling with ‘heavy machinery’, a broad term used to group all of the heavy-duty vehicles regularly encountered there. Indeed, the help of these powerful tools is vital on work sites.

From dump trucks to cherry pickers and everything in between, construction tasks are significantly easier to complete with their help. Unfortunately, these mighty trucks can also become incredibly dangerous if not operated properly.

Even when all safety standards are followed, construction accidents involving heavy machinery continue transpiring year after year. And the resulting injuries are often very grave, affecting the lives of the victims and their loved ones.

No matter the extent of the injury, a worker’s comp claim can be filed to recuperate the medical expenses incurred by the injury. Additionally, if other workers on the site are found to have acted negligently, there may be a possibility to file a personal injury lawsuit against a third party.

Both options can be pursued at the same time, and in both scenarios, an attorney can provide significant insight and guidance.”



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