N US Hwy 12 in Volo, Illinois

1 worker was killed at a construction site in Volo, Illinois.

Kanzler Construction Worker Dies in Volo, Illinois

According to The Chicago Tribune, on August 7th a Kanzler Construction worker died working at the 30800 block of North Route 12 in Volo, IL.

The victim’s right arm got stuck in a gravel-screening machine and was severely injured. By the time authorities arrived, the worker had already died.

The accident is still under investigation.

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Financial Compensation For Families of Construction Workers Killed on the Job

Attorney contributor, Jeff Gibson represents victims of construction accidents in legal claims. Below, Jeff has generously shared his knowledge of the legal options available to these victims and their families:

Construction workers are regularly injured on the job and suffer some of the highest rates of fatal work-related accidents. These victims and the families of victims who die on the job are entitled to financial compensation. Usually, these victims are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, and sometimes they may have grounds for a lawsuit.

In addition to this, construction injury victims or their families may be able to file cases of third-party liability. For instance, if a worker died in an accident caused by a defective piece of machinery, the family could have grounds for a lawsuit against the manufacturer of that machinery.

Location of US-12 in Volo, Illinois




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