Upshur County WV Carlen Huffman Remains In Hospital After 5lb Rock Strikes Windshield On Rte 20

Accident Occurred Near Hodgesville; Victim Transported To Ruby Memorial Hospital

Carlen Huffman was traveling south on Route 20 when, as she attempted to pass a dump truck, a large rock came off the back of the truck and crashed through her windshield.

The 5lb rock would impact Huffman in the head, causing her to lose control of her 2007 Dodge Caravan and run off the road. Her car would come to a stop against the guardrails of the roadway.

Almost two weeks after the tragic incident, the victim remains at Ruby Memorial Hospital recovering from the severe injuries.

On the other hand, the truck driver, who did not stop at the time of the accident, had to be chased down by local officials. Upshur Cty Sheriff David H. Coffman has indicated that charges are likely to be brought forth for an unsecured load.

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