Troy, Illinois - Three Injured In Two-Truck Accident At Intersection Of Interstate 70 & Interstate 55

Driver of Semi-Truck Had to Be Airlifted to Local Hospital with Severe Injuries

The accident occurred just after 5AM on Monday, December 2nd on the westbound ramp of I-70 that turns onto southbound I-55.

The Illinois State Police have indicated that the first truck was completing the turn on the ramp when it jackknifed, resulting in its trailer completely blocking the roadway. The second tractor-trailer arrived a few minutes later and crashed clean through the first truck’s trailer, creating a substantial amount of debris.

The driver of the first semi-truck had to be extricated by emergency crews and then airlifted to an area trauma center for treatment of his grave injuries. A second individual also present in the first truck was also treated by first responders and transported to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, the driver of the second truck only suffered minor injures.

Two additional passenger vehicles were also involved in the incident, though no other injuries were reported from these vehicles. The ramp and various southbound lanes of I-50 remained closed for hours while the scene was investigated and the debris was cleaned up.

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An experienced truck crash lawyer at BanvilleLaw.com and legal contributor to this site, Laurence Banville has dedicated his career to defending the rights of those who suffer injuries in truck accidents. He offered the following info for those who find themselves in similar circumstances:

“An event as traumatic as a truck crash can change the lives of all those involved, as well as their loved ones, in a permanent way. This is because of the injuries, or even death, that often result from them. Nevertheless, physical pain is not the only impact that should be taken into account; emotional trauma and financial struggles are two other struggles which are very real and which can put significant pressure on victims attempting to heal.

Indeed, we all know that nothing can change injuries suffered in the past, but there are certainly medical treatments and specialized therapies which can help victims of severe injuries to recover. Regrettably, these invaluable medical treatments are likely to be incredibly costly. For example, consider than a person who suffers a traumatic brain injury can expect for their lifetime medical care costs to surpass the $3 million mark.

Victims involved in truck accidents and their loved ones should also understand that insurance policies are unlikely to cover all of their damages. Yes, they may pay for some medical bills, but other damages resulting from the incident such as emotional trauma or loss of wages are unlikely to be paid by an insurance provider. In many of these cases, the only option for victims to receive the compensation they need and deserve is through a truck accident lawsuit.

Through this legal proceeding, it is possible to recover a complete compensation that takes into account:

  • Medical treatment
  • Physical trauma
  • Loss of income
  • Emotional trauma
  • Funeral / burial bills

Contact an experienced truck crash attorney who can help in the aggressive pursuit of justice and the defense of your rights in a court of law.”



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